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Jaira David added to Krstic fraud case, indicted & arrested

A sixteenth defendant has been added to the DOJ’s Kristijan Krstic Ponzi empire fraud case. Jaira David, aka Jenny Liu, Kate Muller and Alice Newtown, was indicted under seal on March 4th, 2020.

Kristijan Krstic extradition punted to Minister of Justice

The Serbian Court of Appeals has rejected Krstijan Krstic’s appeal against extradition to the US. US authorities are now one step closer to extraditing Krstic to the US, where he is facing criminal and civil charges related to fraud.

Seized devices cause Bitcoiin criminal case delays

As part of Bitcoiin criminal proceedings, hundreds of electronic devices seized in Serbia have been turned over to the FBI in Texas. Data stored on the devices is still being processed, resulting in a request to continue the trials of defendants Haojia Miao and Antonije Stojiljkovic.

John DeMarr’s Bitcoiin fraud indictment details

John DeMarr’s Bitcoiin indictment was filed on March 23rd, 2021. The indictment details four counts of fraud, pertaining to DeMarr’s involvement in Bitcoiin and Start Options.

Kristijan Krstic extraditions approved again by High Court

Following a successful appeal last month, the Kristijan Krstic extraditions were punted back to a Serbian High Court. That High Court has now reaffirmed that “that all legal preconditions for extradition have now been determined”. This means that extradition is once again on the cards, pending the outcome of another new appeal.

DOJ intervenes in SEC’s Krstic case, stay granted

The DOJ has been granted an intervention in the SEC’s civil case against Kristijan Krstic, John DeMarr and Robin Enos. The granted intervention is followed by an order staying the case, pending the outcome of parallel criminal proceedings.

Kristijan Krstic Ponzi empire extraditions on hold

US authorities’ efforts to extradite Kristijan Krstic and several accomplices have hit a roadblock. In a decision handed down either earlier this week or late last week, the Belgrade Court of Appeals has overturned previously granted extradition requests.

Kristijan Krstic indicted again in New York on Bitcoiin charges

After being indicted in Texas last July, prosecutors in New York have now filed a second indictment against Kristijan Krstic.

Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire indictment details

Although we became aware of indictments handed down to members of Krsitijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire last week, they remained under seal – meaning we didn’t have access to any details. As a result of the arrest of Krstic’s accomplice Haojia Miao, a redacted copy of the indictment was made available on his Texas case docket [Continue reading…]

Kristijan Krstic Ponzi accomplice arrested in California

Haojia Miao, aka Haljia Miao and Stan Miao, is part of Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire. Miao, a Californian resident, was arrested by the FBI October 7th.