OnPassive’s Dubai “mega event” has come and gone, nothing has been launched and affiliates are getting restless again.

For the most part, Mufareh’s hours long waffle session webinars aren’t cutting it anymore.

Cue Mufareh’s next shiny ball, OnPassive sponsoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Oh and apparently OnPassive is under investigation in the US. Or at least that’s what Mufareh recently implied.

Earlier this year Mufareh claimed OnPassive was working with the US government.

I had a dinner with one of the states, not saying the government, for the consumer protection. That was last night.

Almost at the end (they said), “How do you do this? How do you come up with all of this?”

For those who like to complain about OnPassive, I have direct contacts for the upper upper levels for them.

I was going to show one of the key people who literally enjoyed dinner with us last night. But I don’t want to show their identity here.

And you’d be a fool to think that I’m just saying that without any basis to it. You are insane, okay?

You think I can say that? Like that is not normal for anybody to think that way.

Yes, we’re talking about bigger than congress. Okay?

If you’re thinking Governor? Yes. State department? Yes.

Not that Mufareh might have been in the same room as someone from the US government, but that it had anything to do with OnPassive is of course baloney.

Fast Forward to an August 2022 OnPassive webinar, kindly provided by The Recovering Hunbot, and Mufareh’s choice of words suggests a regulatory subpoena might be in play.

[24:00] My name is Ash Mufareh. I am talking to you from Orlando. Today is August the 18th, 2022.

This webinar is being recorded. We will be sharing this recording with our team of attorneys, as well as the United States government, in the capital Washington DC.

Don’t need to disclose which department, but we have a prior request, a formal request to deliver and share the recording of this and others.

On the surface that sounds like a regulatory subpoena, but on closer inspection doesn’t really hold up.

For starters, OnPassive is a pyramid scheme. Regulation of pyramid schemes in the US is done by the FTC.

The FTC does have a D.C. office but, if they were investigating Mufareh in Florida, it’d likely be happening in the FTC’s southeast region head office – based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mufareh could just be name dropping Washington DC to sound important (lord knows 85% of Mufareh’s webinars are autofellatio), but the manner in which he’s disclosing the US government makes no sense.

US regulatory subpoenas typically precede court filings. And, as far as I know, they’re retrospective. I.e. the FTC can demand existing documents but there’s no obligation to continue to provide material.

The exception to this would be a settlement with monitoring – but that’d see Mufareh disclosing an actual investigation first. And we’d also know about it.

Instead I think this is just another case of Mufareh inferring US government in his non-existent business.

I don’t know how long one gets away with inferring the US government has involvement in your pyramid scheme, but it’s probably not something taken lightly upon actual investigation.

Another possibility is Mufareh name-dropping the US government to keep affiliates in line.

The very next topic Mufareh launched into was threatening OnPassive affiliates who have an opinion on social media with termination. One unnamed terminated example appears to be someone in OnPassive recently discussing the scheme on YouTube.

Informing affiliates the webinar is recorded and will be sent to the government could be seen as a threat. Think “the US government has my back, don’t ask any dumb questions or else”.

Examples of questions Mufareh doesn’t want to answer are “Where’s my money?” and “It’s been five years, how come we haven’t launched anything yet?”

Mufareh has previously threatened affiliates who question him with “criminal defamation”. Criminal defamation isn’t a thing in the US.

With that lecture out of the way, Mufareh next waffles on about OnPassive having “four or five hundred products being produced … that will be here for thousands of years to come”.

OnPassive just crossed over four years since GoFounder’s website domain was registered. To date not a single product has been launched.

Despite professing to have superior clones of popular software,

  • OnPassive webinars are held over Zoom;
  • Mufareh uses Microsoft Powerpoint for OnPassive presentations;
  • OnPassive’s website runs on WordPress; and
  • OnPasive affiliates upload marketing webinars to YouTube

Mufareh claims the dream he has sold OnPassive affiliates will eventually attract “the vast majority of the internet”.

The other takeaway from the August webinar was Mufareh claiming OnPassive was a 2022 FIFA World Cup sponsor.

[1:12:55] We are planning to uh, working on not planning to, uh be a sponsor, one of the six sponsors, one of six sponsors, in the World Cup. Qatar, November/December.

That’s being views for probably over a billion people.

Remembering this webinar is from August 18th, the problem with Mufareh’s claim is that anyone can go on FIFA’s website and confirm OnPassive isn’t a sponsor.

FIFA has been locking in World Cup sponsors from as early as Q1 2021. OnPassive isn’t one of them.

That of course didn’t stop Mufareh from putting out a video announcement a few days ago, claiming OnPassive was now “a sponsor of Qatar 2022 World Cup”.

FIFA refers to this deceptive practice as “ambush marketing“.

Ambush marketing activities typically occur when a brand tries to link itself to a major event, be it through advertising or promotions using tournament designations or giving away/raffling off tickets, or by implementing a creative campaign that only indirectly associates with the tournament using imagery or textual references that aim to create a link to the event.

Marketing activities by non-sponsor companies that seek to take advantage of the huge public interest in the event through physical on-site presence in or around event sites (e.g. stadiums) qualify as ambush marketing.

The common denominator of such prohibited marketing activities is that they primarily seek free advertising.

We consider ambush marketing to be a priority in our brand protection work, as this practice puts FIFA’s commercial programme directly at risk by effectively devaluing official sponsorship.

The World Cup tournaments are the result of significant efforts to develop and promote the tournaments, something which would not be possible without the financial support of our Commercial Affiliates.

Ambush marketers try to take advantage of the goodwill and positive image generated by the FIFA tournaments without contributing to their organisation.

We are committed to protecting our brands and the exclusive rights of our sponsors in a measured way.

Our efforts are based on three pillars that emphasise pre-emptive and educational measures to avoid any issues arising.

Of course, we watch the marketplace for infringements and will take action as needed.

If ultimately necessary, we will use all legal avenues at our disposal to defend our rights, however always guided by reason.

In the meantime what’s all of this really about?

Mufareh’s next grift to extract money from OnPassive affiliates is to sell them advertising packages.

[1:15:45] We’re gonna be brainstorming with other traffic sources to either joint venture or lock arms with OnPassive.

So we are expanding because now we have to up our game.

So for example, we’re talking about paid traffic – purchased exclusive visitors, those are for the paid campaigns.

What is happening in Qatar, what’s happening Dubai … all of those billboards, all of that marketing – that is more likely going to be just exclusive for the founders.

And there’s some founders who will not qualify. I’m not going to put millions, tens of millions for some wacko.

Now for those who will pay for the packages that’s what we’re gonna discuss next week. So you have to pay this package and you’re going to request this many clicks, this many visitors … then what you paid, you get what you pay for, all right?

And it’s all commissionable.

Now you might be wondering what on Earth OnPassive is going to advertise when there’s literally no services to sell.

Supposedly OnPassive closed recruitment of new affiliates back in June. That however doesn’t add up with OnPassive’s website traffic.

Despite supposedly closing off recruitment, the OnPassive and OFounders websites have seen a dramatic increase in traffic from Africa.

OnPassive recorded a 4458% increase in traffic from Ghana, representing a quarter of all visits throughout August 2022. Zambia, up 207% month on month, represents another 8.9% of traffic.

OFounders recorded a greater than 5000% increase in traffic from Ghana, representing 10% of traffic. Zambia is up 204%, providing 6% of traffic.

Recruitment in the US seems to have died but India and Bangladesh, traditionally OnPassive’s largest source of traffic, remains stable.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest OnPassive’s Indian affiliates, perhaps some US ones too, are busy recruiting low-hanging fruit in Africa.

There’s no other reason an MLM company that supposedly shutdown recruitment and has no products to sell would be growing in Africa.

Obviously this isn’t being done out in the open. I suspect affiliates who’ve purchased multiple OnPassive accounts (some are believed to have purchased hundreds, if not thousands), are offloading them.

Mufareh is likely to keep quiet about it as long as the money flows in.

If anyone’s got any other explanation for OnPassive suddenly spiking in Ghana and Zambia, I’m all ears.

I have sent FIFA a link to OnPassive’s FIFA partnership video, questioning the validity of Mufareh’s partnership claim. I’ll provide an update below if I hear anything back.


Update 23rd September 2022 – I haven’t heard anything back from FIFA but OnPassive appears to have received a cease and desist.

As of earlier this week, OnPassive’s FIFA sponsorship video has been taken down.