He looks like a Boris CEO. He sounds like a Boris CEO. But OneCoin’s latest executive appointment isn’t a Boris CEO.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Ventsislav Zlatkov is more of a puppet CEO.

Zlatkov debuted on a January 8th OneCoin livestream aimed at Chinese investors.

Zlatkov didn’t appear in person bur rather crossed in live “from Europe”.

Despite nobody knowing who he is, Zlatkov claims he’d been “working closely” with OneCoin through 2021.

During the last months, my work was mainly focused on the successful launch of the new DealShaker platform.

Early on in his speech, Zlatkov did managed to throw shade at the DOJ, whilst simultaneously vowing to rope more suckers into OneCoin;

I strongly believe, that with professional well-planned work (and) our shared productivity and ideas, we will become irresistibly attractive for many potential clients, and invincible for our opponents.

Zlatkov finished up by promising January 2022 would be “the most important” for OneCoin.

I fell asleep as Zlatkov blabbed on about DealShaker, but jolted awake at the mention of a new cryptocurrency.

We will set up necessary conditions for a successful public release of our cryptocurrency.

All in all Zlatkov spoke for about five minutes, 98% of which was meaningless corporate-speak.

The rest of the forty-seven minute stream was dedicated to convincing OneCoin investors that DealShaker was viable.

Kinda amusing seeing as DealShaker launched almost five years ago. There was an attempt to reboot the first flop in 2019 but that didn’t go anywhere.

At some point the DealShaker domain was abandoned. The reboot is hosted on the “oneecosystem.eu” domain.

You’ve got the same eclectic selection of random products, primarily targeted at the SEA region.

The majority of products available are in the food, beverage and supplement categories.

Moving on, Zlatkov claims he’s

willing to contribute to the company development with my professional skills and previous knowledge.

As per Zlatkov’s OneCoin resume, he’s based in Bulgaria and…well the rest of the document is pretty vague.

Over the past decade Zlatkov has apparently worked in sales, finance, cryptocurrency and now OneCoin.

Naturally other than OneCoin, no other company names are provided.

BehindMLM readers have dug into Zlatkov’s past and revealed he owns two failed companies that owe millions in taxes.

One can imagine millions in taxes might just be the leverage needed to convince someone educated to front OneCoin.

But that’s just speculation.

Zlatkov’s official OneCoin position prior to CEO is “Senior Analyst and Financial Advisor”.

Other than assisting executives with hiding money they’ve stolen, I’m unclear on why OneCoin needed one of those.

Looking at the bigger picture, Zlatkov is what he is. Another puppet who speaks passable English, can wear a suit, is passably articulate and can read off a script.

Most importantly Zlatkov is a Bulgarian national. As long as he doesn’t travel outside of Bulgaria he’s untouchable.

Maybe a quick trip to Dubai or south-east Asia every now and then (but not Thailand).