The “mastermind” behind OneCoin recruitment in Thailand has been arrested, again.

Mana Jumuang (aka Mr. Kay), was first arrested on charges of fraud in 2019.

Following OneCoin’s collapse in early 2017, investors in Thailand began filing complaints with local authorities. This led to Jumuang’s arrest in late 2019.

Upon being presented to court, Jumuang (right) was granted bail and promptly fled.

Two years later Thai authorities managed to secure another arrest warrant, leading to Jumuang’s second arrest on December 23rd.

Jumuang, along with “Thai and Vietnamese accomplices”, reportedly recruited victims into OneCoin on the promise of a 400% ROI over 200 days.

As late as mid 2019 Jumuang was still recruiting victims into the scheme. A May 2019 video features coverage of a DealShaker car event purportedly organized by Jumuang.

Jumuang’s ties to OneCoin promotion in Vietnam also ties him to Simon Le.

Le is believed to be OneCoin’s top earner in south-east Asia. He resigned from OneCoin a few months after Jumuang’s 2019 arrest.

Le remains at large in Vietnam where he continues to promote Ponzi schemes. To date Vietnamese authorities have shown no interest in bringing Le to justice.

Thai authorities claim Mana Jumuang solicited 500 million baht of investment into OneCoin ($14.9 million USD).

That’s based on investor complaints so the actual figure, plus what Jumuang personally stole off the top, is likely much higher.

Hopefully jumping bail once precludes Jumuang from being granted bail again. We’ll keep an eye out for updates.