Yesterday evening I received a copy of the New DealShaker dev team report.

This is the report I first became aware of back on May 21st, but at the time wasn’t able to verify its existence.

Last night I had a social engagement I couldn’t get out of, and at the same time I didn’t want to just copy and paste the report for publication.

So if you’ll excuse the delay, here’s the report.

For context, this report is believed to have been sent from Duncan Arthur’s New DealShaker development team to Veselina Valkova.

From there it was distributed to OneCoin’s top leaders. Many of whom were summoned to Sofia Bulgaria, for crisis meetings carrying into this weekend.

No specific member is credited with authoring the report, with the intent being that it represents the sentiments of all New DealShaker team members.

The report was put together following months of disconnect between what the New DealShaker team had been hired to do, and the information and tools Veselina Valkova and OneCoin staff provided them.

This culminated in the arrest of Konstantin Ignatov earlier this year.

At least one of the New DealShaker dev team was travelling with Ignatov at the time. They were interrogated by the FBI but no arrests other than that of Ignatov were made.

As I understand it the New DealShaker team primarily dealt with OneCoin staff through Ignatov.

Following his arrest, communication between OneCoin staff and the New DealShaker team rapidly deteriorated.

So begins the report;

This will be the first and only email that will come this way.

We can all understand the confusion, anger and frustration among the people that have had the inside view to the last weeks
communications going on.

Not sure what agenda you have VV but we suspect that its either; trying to protect yourself and your integrity or it’s trying to get certain people to cut a deal with someone.

Either way, the truth will here be laid out, as it is, not dressed in some fancy words for a long-gone founder and creator of this magnitude of a mess.

We’re not sure who the referenced individuals cutting deals are.

I figure it’s either related to Konstantin’s arrest and the DOJ, or unspecified players still pulling the strings behind OneCoin.

In Jan/Feb 2018 the “ONE” systems IT administrator, “Momchi” left the ship.

He took with him, not only most of the so called “keys” but also the knowledge how these systems were put together.

And a few months later, in stormed another IT administrator “Stan” that took over what more could have looked like a crashed space craft.

Claims of in house OneCoin developers leaving are supported by numerous ongoing problems This is supported by the numerous programming bugs that have been observed on OneCoin’s website, backoffice and in DealShaker itself.

Perhaps the most prominent development issue OneCoin investors will be familiar with is the long-running CoinSafe disappearing coins problem.

To this day points OneCoin affiliates parked on the promise of increased returns remain unaccounted for.

We were contracted to build a new platform to facilitate the use of the “ONE” in June 2018.

The contract was never signed by anyone in the “ONE” company. In fact, the company BNC Consulting, put up as counter party, is not even around anymore, it’s been liquidated. That
company simply closed down and bills are not getting paid.

Who set up BNC Company is unclear. OneCoin’s creation and use of shell companies however is well documented.

One of the main terms for this (New DealShaker) development to take place is that the “ONE” would provide APIs that can connect the systems to each other.

That is, to be able to do what every other block chain technology company with ease provides.

Open Source APIs to use to connect to their services and be able to build applications around it.

Services like paying for a product or a service.

After several initial calls with staff in Sofia, it was again promised on the calls that APIs would be provided or helped with.

Another month goes by and nothing happens. Duncan is well aware of the situation and we all start raising our voices.

“Where is the APIs to the ONE system”?

First week of August 2018 your IT administrator sends us the “source code” of DS and the “ONE” system that your services is based on.

With one simple message attached! Here is the code, you try to figure it out!

The above suggests that whoever took over after “Momchi” took their money and fled, had no idea what to do with OneCoin’s systems.

It also supports and explains the aforementioned ongoing development bugs.

Seriously, that is like giving the workers at a car factory, the spare parts of a fighter jet plane and except them to put it together. And also forget to tell them, it’s a fighter jet they are going to build.

There is not a single Fintech company on the planet that works like this.

In all our efforts to try to get in contact with Sofia’s IT administrator it is revealed to us that no one in Sofia or in “ONE” IT has any idea how to do this.

We have to use K every other week to try to get some assistance in understanding this big pile of mess-up.

Konstantin himself is not believed to have understood any better the IT side of OneCoin.

As previously mentioned however, the New DealShaker team relied on him when communications with Sofia broke down.

The saying goes, that if “it’s smelling like rotten fish it is because it’s a rotten fish” and nothing else.

This did not smell good.

Still no APIs or access to anything that can be used to try to connect a service that seems more like it’s a fiction of someone else’s fantasy.

Remember that while all of this was going on, OneCoin was pumping out updates to its affiliates and pretending nothing was amiss.

This continued even after Konstantin’s arrest.

Since Sofia are unable to provide APIs we finally get a database dump of some 250K users with their wallet balances of cash and “ONE” in the middle of November 2018.

We can roll out, but the systems are still not connected.

Furthermore, the cash balance on the accounts are well over 40.5 million EUR imported to the new service.

Money that Sofia never paid a penny on to us, or anyone else for that matter.

The important points here are that, when pressed, Sofia provided the New DealShaker team with a database of investors and their wallet balances.

There was no blockchain to speak of.

Thus as of November 2018, New DealShaker was ready to go but there was no blockchain to connect it to.

I believe the “cash balance” figure referenced above refers to withdrawable funds – which the New DealShaker team weren’t willing to replicate on their platform without seeing proof the funds actually existed for withdrawal.

That proof was never provided.

We now have 1 person fulltime dedicated trying to figure out how the service can be connected. No light in sight.

We are trying to build an intermediate service to get it working.

After a long and heated call with your IT administrators we are told that the ONE system is broken. Its broken since this “Momchi” left the scene.

We ask for documentation. There is no documentation,
“Momchi” took that or deleted it.

Instead of coming clean OneCoin strung along its investors with excuses as deadline after deadline was missed, or more often than not – radio silence.

WOW, we ask ourselves yet again – how can this Fintech company that have raked in billions in revenue, not have better security, repository storage of codes and more importantly, not have any hard copies of these things in more places then 1?

Who in god’s name set this up and are responsible for its organization and structure?

Why are someone like “Momchi” solely responsible and have access to the core of the core.

It’s like giving the Coca Cola receipt to the guy in customer service and hope for the best when he walks out of the door.

We are all starting to get a bad gut feeling since there is simply no progress to get this sorted.

And so it is with so many individuals who got into bed with OneCoin.

From short-lived executives like Pablo Munoz and Pierre Arrens, to those who stole millions through the scheme like Igor Alberts.

It seems the moment anyone in OneCoin is provided a peek behind the scenes, their “bad gut feeling” causes them to either quit or disappear.

Such was ultimately the case with the New DealShaker team, but not before a few more months of dysfunction played out.

We are now, in January 2019, reading the documentation written up from Sofia corporate about the “white paper” of the ONE system. Is this for real!

There are so many contractionary facts in these papers that simply do not match and are put together.

It simply does not work like this in any real, open and transparent virtual crypto currency block chain technology.

Our concerns now are not only starting to become facts, they are more and more confirmed by the lack of ability to co-operate to get this connected.

Suddenly, K is arrested in the USA, Duncan as well interrogated by the FBI. The shit storm is about to go down we think.

When K is being away it seems, the communication ceases to exist, making the co-op from Sofias side to just die off.

The situation appeared dire. On May 7th however, something strange happened.

The 7th of May 2019 we discover that the repository code storage of the “ONE” system is updated with brand new “commits”, where new services suddenly appear.

Things like Wallet Manager, Transaction Manager, API’s to “a” onecoin backend and blockchain?!?

All of these did not exist 2nd of May when the commits where done.

All of this have literally been created in the last months by your IT administrators.

Is this another effort to try to save yourself… now we suddenly see communication to connect to the blockchain? That did not exist before!

There’s room for misinterpretation here, so I’m going to clarify: this isn’t some secret blockchain that OneCoin internal devs were hiding from the New DealShaker team.

The NewDealshaker team had been asking for some of this stuff for at least seven months. They weren’t provided API access to it because it didn’t exist.

Then on May 7th newly created commits within OneCoin’s systems were added.

These appeared to be related to API access to a blockchain.

Prior to May 7th however neither the apparent blockchain or API access to the apparent blockchain existed.

And furthermore, to date no evidence of a blockchain has existed. The commit calls provide programmers with integration – which has not been tested.

Upon realizing they’d been lied to regarding OneCoin having a blockchain to provide API access to all along, the New DealShaker dev team pulled the plug.

We cannot be a part of a criminal activity or a conspiracy to commit any type of crime or even be implied to have been a part of such.

The facts are clear:

• There is no real block chain. Just a simple block chain script that is running as a php code on a mysql server.

Maybe there was a real block chain, maybe not. But it’s not something anyone have seen in code or can view at this time.

• There is no mining and have never been, again just a script that is running on the server and also confirmed by R and S in their email exchange made public.

If you know what mining actually means you would also confirm this by just looking at the setup of the one system.

Mining is for either creating blocks/coins or confirming transactions in a real blockchain.

• There is no ledger, just a database table with numbers going back and forth.

• There is no explorer where anyone can view transactions, since it simply do not exist.

• There is no wallet service with encrypted private or public keys using cryptography.

• This is a complete disaster.

And to quote Rs (Ruja Ignatova’s) email to S (Sebastian Greenwood):
“We are not mining actually – but telling people shit.”

Our goal is not to take anything from anyone but merely making sure that the 1.5 million, (yes it’s not 3.5 million users but 3.5 million accounts where multiple users have several accounts –
to get the facts correct) unique users can get value back, that will work – legally, secure, fully transparent and with absolutely no affiliation to anything that is in the past.

No one in the network teams speak for all members – we do care about the once that invested their household saving in a dream.

To realize that you need to realize this – it will happen despite what absurd threats some individuals burst out into the open. That is just sad.

And it’s not another ‘package’ to buy or ‘investment’ to make. It’s just going to become very clear when all is out for the public to see.

We did not create this mess – we simply are lending a helping hand to guide whoever is ready to be guided.

Based on real technology, opensource, viewable, compliant and licensed to trade.

Based in EU regulated jurisdictions where we go by the rules and regulations.

Denial is one of the strongest human emotions.

As I understand it OneCoin is currently being run by its three Master Distributors (Jose Gordo, Habib Zahid and Simon Le) and the Sofia staff, of whom Veselina Valkova seems to be lead pony.

Following receipt of the New DealShaker  dev team report, OneCoin pushed out a story that Duncan Arthur and his team had been fired and could no longer be trusted.

OneCoin affiliates have been told to ignore the contents of the above report and wait for further announcements.

Despite API access to who knows what added on May 7th being the only visible programming developments since January/February 2018, OneCoin announced it is resuming development on the old DealShaker platform.

This is the same platform that was riddled with bugs, such as allowing purchases beyond maximum amounts set by merchants.

It is the platform the New DealShaker team were brought in to program a replacement for – for good reason.

In the wake of the separation, the New DealShaker dev team have gone underground.

In some instances this a necessity out of fear for their personal safety.

The New DealShaker team do plan to release their work as a stand-alone platform, but that isn’t quite ready for release yet.

When it is, it’ll work with cryptocurrencies but have nothing to do with OneCoin.

As for OneCoin, we’re not sure what will come out of the leader crisis meetings being held this weekend.

The company has had the better part of a week to come up with bullshit to feed to those summoned, who will in turn be ordered to dutifully spread it among remaining affiliates.

Regardless of what one feels about the New DealShaker team, they had access to the programming internals of OneCoin.

Beyond not having a blockchain and simply making things up as they go along, there is zero reason for OneCoin to have not provided the New DealShaker team with blockchain API access.

As represented by the New DealShaker team, the platform was ready to roll out roughly seven months ago.

Going forward whatever platform the New DealShaker team release is not believed to be MLM related – so we’ll be unlikely to cover it.

Konstantin Ignatov’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for early this coming week. Stay tuned…