Although the Ponzi side of OneCoin collapsed in 2017, the MLM recruitment side continues to this day.

And it’s not just easy pickings in third world countries either.

As per an update from “OneCoin Scandinavia” last week, OneCoin is pivoting to travel discounts and forex fraud.

OneCoin Scandinavia is a private FaceBook group headed up by career scammer Stefan Sjodin.

Sjodin, a resident of Sweden, claims to have been in OneCoin since September 2014. This places him close to the launch of the $4 billion Ponzi scheme.

Prior to OneCoin

With the Ponzi side of OneCoin come and gone, its founder a fugitive who hasn’t been seen for five years and anyone not sheltered by Bulgarian authorities either a fugitive on the run, wanted or in hiding, these days Sjodin is left managing what’s left;

A large group of disgruntled investors he’s scammed.

To that end Sjodin continues to string his victims along on OneCoin Scandinavia.

Here’s the latest as per an update from Sjodin last week:

Upcoming news!

The restart from the old system with split started on October 1st.

Within two months, ONE Voyage will open up! A travel club that will bring in all your friends, family and acquaintances to ONE Ecosystem.

Offer an exclusive membership to everyone in the ONE Ecosystem!

We can use our ONE 50% to pay for a subscription of one month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year membership in the travel club.

50% ONE 50% Fiat. Will also get a discount on the first month according to information.

We then get access to the following:

-Up to 90% discount on Hotel Nights around the world at 2.5 million Hotels

-Up to 80% discount on Resorts and Villa rentals.

-Up to 40% discount on flights.

-Discounts on Car Rentals and Cruises

-Discounts on experiences and pleasures around the world

The 12-month subscription also includes full acceptance in the company Priority pass with all their benefits!

If you travel once a year, buy a one-month subscription that quickly lowers the cost of you or your family’s trip.

If you travel frequently or for work, you probably already have discounts on e.g. flight, but compare what is included and what you get in the 12-month subscription that ONE Ecosystem has.

Where you pay the subscription 50% with your ONE!

In February, ONE Vita will open up for us!

A Skin Care Anti Age concept with high-class and controlled products! Which we will be able to buy with 50% ONE and 50% Euro!! All at completely market prices!

Also, in February, ONE Forex will finally open up. Our CEO in ONE Ecosystem has been in the Forex industry since 2014 before becoming CEO with us.

During the test period there have been 80% winning Trades.

NO prior knowledge is required, but we get “signals” what to put in for orders daily in order to make a long-term profit.

If you have previously lost money on Forex trading or Crypto Trading, that time is over!

Obviously no requirement to follow the trading signals for anyone who wants to drive on their own.

We pay the Subscription with 50% ONE!

Who wants to miss this.

Gradually, more and more opportunities will be added to the ONE Ecosystem, which constantly creates added value and more use of our ONE.

Still lots of people who don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the financial world or don’t know what opportunities we can offer.

Also everyone who works with other MLM companies, or is thinking about getting extra income.

Our concept is the best and easiest way to learn about e.g. cryptocurrency and its use. The absolute right way to learn about how the future will look and work.

Stefan Sjödin

ONE Voyage is a simple grift. Charge for access to a white labelled travel discount platform, and let OneCoin investors burn their worthless ONE tokens as a monthly membership fee. But only half of said fee.

But only half the fee because the other 50% actual money component is the true cost of the membership.

Actual travel of course will not be purchasable with ONE tokens.

ONE Vita is the same grift but with skincare.

  1. buy (or dropship) white labeled personal care products
  2. cover costs with a 50% mandatory euro payment
  3. let investors burn an imaginary 50% cost in ONE tokens

ONE Forex has been around as a shell company since at least 2018.

The unnamed current OneCoin CEO is Ventsislav Zlatkov.

Zlatkov, believed to be a Bulgarian national, was trotted out by OneCoin’s Sofia HQ back in January.

BehindMLM readers have dug into Zlatkov’s past and revealed he owns two failed companies that owe millions in taxes. But apparently he’s a forex guy now and um, please stop asking questions.

Unfortunately for Stefan Sjodin, members of OneCoin Scandinavia did just that.

A member of the group informs me;

The post was quickly commented on by angry members, claiming this is another attempt to steal their money.

The backlash prompted Sjodin to quickly issue a follow up post, doubling down on the scam and threatening to remove anyone complaining about their loss.

ONE Ecosystem has a Payment Currency.

ONE Ecosystem is registered in Switzerland.

ONE Ecosystem has new management.

Do not compare ONE Ecosystem’s Cryptocurrency ONE with Bitcoin and other Trading currencies.

80% have made losses on trading with Crypto with last 5-6 years.

Trading currencies will never be Payment currencies are established.

Bitcoin was to become a Payment Currency outside Banks and the Global Financial World when it was created in 2008. (Read Bitcoin’s Whitepaper).

Today, Bitcoin and other major Cryptocurrencies are part of the Global Financial System.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, can become payment currencies, e.g. USDC which is linked to the FED (United States Central Bank). Is, of course, part of the financial system.

More Crypto than USDC is linked to the company Circle which develops several Stablecoins, including Euro Coin. Bitcoin is on their agenda, but it is far-fetched that they will be able to take in Bitcoin.

Of course, to be able to dismiss Bitcoin from the market. Circle is regulated by the US Treasury Department!!

Do you favor these Cryptos that are connected to the FED and at the same time think that today’s Monetary System (Payment System) which is over 100 years old should continue to exist in the same way, you do not need to be part of this group anymore, but continue to trade with Cryptocurrency and be happy with it.

If you think it is good to have a functioning Reserve currency as a means of payment outside the financial system, especially when bad times come, take advantage of what ONE Ecosystem has.

WEB 3.0 is the next step in the Internet. WEB 3 is Blockchain that will be used in all possible forms.

That’s where Stablecoins and Tokenization as payment come into the picture. However, Stablecoins on Decentralized Blockchains are vulnerable.

So today it is mostly about already existing companies with an already large customer base making Tokenization in their concept, e.g. Amazon can do it to take the biggest company, means that you can e.g. can partially pay products with Fiat currency and Tokens obtained through an Affiliate system and/or being a loyal customer. Startups can never succeed with Tokenization, cannot start from scratch without members or clientele.

If you have followed the facts about ONE Ecosystem, you know about the growth today around the world, the customer base is there, several new concepts will be added to the whole to create added value at ONE. Growing steadily.

ONE Ecosystems Blockchain will be opened to public view in February next year, available as ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum network, if you are familiar with it. But will never become a Trading currency!

Of course it may be possible to sell ONE. But will be decided when the time is right to be able to do it. Can take one, three or five years.

Nobody knows. However, you can take advantage of the range available and use the values ​​you have.

The big advantage is that ONE Ecosystem has a Stablecoin on a Centralized Blockchain controlled by the company! When an Exchange is opened, large negative transactions can be stopped from manipulating the value of ONE!

We are still a payment currency just like at the start in 2014 when Bitcoin was also seen as an upcoming payment currency. You know how it went.

Thanks to us having a private Ecosystem outside the global Financial System and Banks, the value is not affected or can be manipulated.

For the last time: NOBODY has lost their money! Everyone has their values ​​left that you once received, probably a higher value today.

Arrested and missing persons do not remain or have anything to do with the new company! The media loves to write big headlines especially in Sweden because a Swedish person is in custody.

He was already out of the company before the arrest.

If you have received distorted information from your sponsor, he/she has probably received incorrect information from his/her sponsor, etc.

In 2016, we know that the company stated that when we reach 10 million members and 1 million Merchants on Dealshaker, it will be relevant to be able to open an Exchange!!

We are not there today. We are a Network company, which means that all of us Independent Distributors must be helped to get there.

Not the company that does the work… They give us the conditions!

Anyone who these days has written about arrests, podcasts, documentaries, wanted documents, nagging that it is not possible to switch and a lot of negative statements taken out of thin air, either due to ignorance or just wanting to be purely manipulative will be removed from this group!

You know who you are! If you want to remain in the group and receive facts in the future without negative comments, you can write to me on PM or here in the group.

Those of you who do not hear from you will be removed from the group tomorrow Thursday!

I thought about breaking down the many layers of gaslighting bullshit Sjodin came up with – but decided in the end it was better to read it as Sjodin’s victims did.

We’ll ignore the easy bait, that “cryptocurrencies are part of the global financial system”, and start with;

Stablecoins, on the other hand, can become payment currencies, e.g. USDC which is linked to the FED (United States Central Bank).

Circle is regulated by the US Treasury Department!!

Stablecoins are no different to any other cryptocurrency. Instead of a manipulated public trading value though, these monopoly money tokens have an artificially pegged “stable” value.

The problem with stablecoins is they’re only stable as for as long as the Ponzi scheme behind each of them runs. TerraUSD is a recent example of a stablecoin Ponzi imploding.

USDC is another stablecoin “yield” Ponzi run by Circle. Circle is run by crypto bros. It has nothing to do with “the FED” or the US Treasury Department.

In fact Circle is currently under SEC investigation, the outcome of which remains pending (for the crypto bros high on copium: the outcome of an SEC investigation into a company committing investment fraud is never good for said company).

Moving on, Sjodin then bangs on about WEB3. OneCoin has nothing to do with WEB3 so we’ll just ignore this entire section (WEB3 isn’t actually a thing outside of crypto bro lore).

As to opening OneCoin’s blockchain up to the public as an ERC-20 shit token, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to represent.

The reason OneCoin never allowed public trading is because it’s guaranteed to have a $0 value within seconds of launching ($4 billion in tokens bagholders are desperate to sell to non-existent buyers).

The only other main posts Sjodin brings up are mostly marketing cliches and excuses;

  1. OneCoin is going to be the next bitcoin
  2. nobody lost their money (they absolutely did)
  3. that the internal made up value of ONE tokens matters
  4. that Sebastian Greenwood was “out of OneCoin” at the time of his arrest (he wasn’t, and even if he cashed out and exit-scammed – that’s not how the law works)
  5. OneCoin today is a “new company” (that’s run by the same group of organized crime figures from Bulgaria)
  6. anyone bringing up these facts to Sjodin has “incorrect information”

Sjodin has been booting victims who calls him out on his OneCoin scamming since at least 2015.

Considering Sjodin has been in OneCoin since 2014 as an early investor, unless he’s a terrible scammer, its a reasonable assumption he profited handsomely through the Ponzi scheme.

Whether Sjodin is too small a fish for Swedish authorities to bother with or, like most of Europe, they’re incompetent when it comes to MLM related securities fraud, remains unclear.

What I do know is, be it One Voyage, One Vita, One Forex or any other nonsense OneCoin scammers come up with – your money is gone.

The sooner OneCoin investors realize this and stop promoting this garbage to new victims, the sooner OneCoin dies.

Having abandoned its original OneCoin and OneLife websites, today OneCoin is promoted as “One Ecosystem” from “”.

SimilarWeb tracks visits to the website as growing over the last few months, up 197,000 visits in September from 153,000 in July.

Top sources of traffic to OneCoin’s website are Bulgaria (12%), South Korea (12%), India (11%) and Colombia (8%, largest growth month on month at 449.9%).

For their part it’s generally accepted that Bulgarian authorities are sheltering what’s left of the criminal group behind OneCoin.

Bulgarian authorities have consistently failed to take any action against OneCoin since its 2014 launch.