Two more of OneCoin’s website domains have been pulled offline.

DNS records reveal the domains were pulled due to an investigation by domain registry EurID.

Both “” and “” were live as of December 1st. Sometime in the last twenty-four hours however DNS for both domains has been suspended.

One Academy was a website OneCoin set up to host the pseudo-compliance “education” component of its Ponzi scheme. One World Foundation was a bullshit charity set up by Ruja Ignatova to create the illusion of OneCoin’s legitimacy.

As with OneCoin’s primary website, the current status for the One Academy and One World Foundations domains is “server hold”.

This domain name is registered to the domain name holder as shown in WHOIS, but is temporarily inactive (i.e. website and email do not function) and under investigation.

EurID informed us yesterday that this means the domains are under legal investigation.

It is presumed EurID are working with authorities as part of a wider investigation into OneCoin, however details have yet to be confirmed.

As OneCoin’s web properties are pulled offline one by one, eyes are turning to “”.

OneLife is the website used to track OneCoin affiliate investment. It is instrumental in the continued perpetuation of fraud.

OneCoin’s website was registered through (no business relation). One Academy and One World Foundation were registered through NameCheap.

OneLife is registered through GoDaddy. Whether that has anything to do with the domain still being up is unclear.

In light of OneCoin’s website DNS being suspended, a BehindMLM reader reached out to EurID to inform them of the company’s other domains.

This included the OneCoin, DealShaker, One Academy, One World Foundation and One Pay website domains.

The reader also pointed out that the OneLife and OneLife Events domains were registered by the same person using a “” address.

In their response EurID confirmed they are investigating all of OneCoin’s domains listed above.

Stay tuned…