Mark Scott has failed to have his sentencing suspended indefinitely.

Following a letter filed earlier this week and subsequent opposition by the DOJ, the court rescheduled Scott’s sentencing to November 9th.

Whether there will be subsequent delays to Scott’s sentencing remains to be seen.

The November 9th adjournment marks the tenth rescheduling of Scott’s sentencing since February 2020.

In related news a letter filed by the DOJ has provided insight into Scott’s Supplemental Rule 33 Motion.

The motion pertains to Scott (right) requesting a retrial, however details of the motion have not been made public.

On August 26th the DOJ filed a letter requesting a two-week extension to respond to Scott’s Rule 33 motion.

The DOJ believed the extension was justified because Scott waited for six weeks after receiving the information that is the subject of his motion before filing his motion.

“The information” is elaborated on but redacted in the public copy of the letter.

A footnote in the DOJ’s letter suggests there might be an issue with a cooperating witnesses.

Scott’s counsel informed the Government today that: “In light of the Government’s recent disclosure that its cooperating witness committed perjury and the lack of prior disclosure to the defense …”

To the best of my knowledge this perjury issue has not previously been made public.

Cooperating witnesses pertaining to Scott’s trial point to Konstantin Ignatov.

Ignatov (right), who served as OneCoin’s CEO, testified for the DOJ at Scott’s trial.

Gilbert Armenta is also cooperating with the DOJ but I don’t recall him being presented as a witness.

While he’s all for indefinitely delaying his sentencing, Scott opposed the DOJ’s request for a two-week response extension.

On August 26th the court granted the DOJ’s request, setting a new September 10th deadline.

Given Scott’s motion was filed under seal there’s a good chance the DOJ’s response will also be filed under seal.

This means we won’t learn the specifics of Scott’s motion until an order is issued at a later date.


Update 25th September 2021 – Mark Scott’s retrial letter motion has been made public.

In the motion Scott’s attorney confirms Ignatov lied about throwing away a laptop.


Update 19th September 2023 – Mark Scott’s motion for a retrial has been denied.