OneCoin co-founder Sebastian Greenwood has fired his attorneys on the eve of a pretrial conference.

In a filing requesting permission to withdraw from the case, Greenwood’s former attorney claims he’s “facing extraordinary exposure”.

Greenwood’s new attorney filed an appearance on February 20th. His prior attorney filed for withdrawal on February 22nd.

We are writing because our client has terminated his relationship with our office and hired new counsel, and thus we are requesting leave
to withdraw as counsel in accordance with New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

We appreciate that this request is complicated by the history of attorneys who have been retained and terminated in the course of these proceedings.

The case had been pending for years before we were hired as counsel, and we received the Court’s good graces after we were retained
in order to facilitate our ability to receive and review the discovery.

However, Mr. Greenwood is facing extraordinary exposure in this matter.

Greenwood’s attorney shuffle saw his pre-trial conference rescheduled from February 24th to April 28th.

In light of defense counsel’s trial schedule, the parties respectfully request an adjournment of approximately two months of the pretrial conference to permit defense counsel sufficient time to review discovery and consult with the defendant.

After Greenwood’s new attorneys review the case and conclude he’s screwed, we’ll be back at square one.

Greenwood (right) was indicted in 2018.

Following his subsequent arrest in Thailand, he was quietly extradited to the US.

Since then Greenwood has been locked up at MCC New York.

There Greenwood continued to commit financial crimes through an illegally obtained cellphone.

I’m not sure how many attorneys Greenwood (right) has hired and fired thus far, but the court’s patience is probably running thin.

Greenwood has thus far rejected plea deals and intends to go to trial. But not without a miracle lawyer it seems.