Data recovered from a cell phone seized from Sebastian Greenwood, has resulted in a discovery production delay.

That in turn has pushed back Greenwood’s criminal proceedings.

At a pretrial conference held on September 21st, the DOJ revealed it had recently executed a search warrant.

The search warrant was granted, allowing the DOJ to seize a cell phone Greenwood (right) had been using in prison.

Federal inmates are prohibited from having cell phones.

Greenwood was arrested in Thailand in 2018. He was subsequently extradited to the US and has been held at MCC New York.

How long Greenwood had been illegally using the seized cell phone is unclear.

Given the DOJ’s interest in it and subsequently recovered data, it seems Greenwood was using his illegal phone for OneCoin related communications.

The one remaining primary piece of discovery to be produced is the dump of a cell phone that was recovered from Mr. Greenwood in jail.

The government just today received a twenty gigabyte download from that phone.

The DOJ anticipates the dump will be shared with Greenwood’s attorneys by either the end of this week or early next week.

After the cell phone dump is produced, there are no further outstanding discovery items in Greenwood’s case.

The DOJ however hasn’t ruled out acquisition of additional discovery as they continue to examine obtained evidence.

To give you an idea of the scope of discovery the DOJ has on Greenwood, to date they’ve produced

well over a terabyte of data.

Just as one example of the voluminous nature of the discovery, the August 25th production made by the government totaled over 2.5 million pages of email content.

That’s from one production. The DOJ has made five prior discovery productions.

Consequently, Greenwood’s attorneys will need a “significant period of time” to go over produced discovery.

Looking forward, a pretrial conference has been scheduled for February 24th, 2022.

Unless Greenwood changes his tune and pleads guilty before then, and assuming there are no discovery hiccups, after February 24th the case will proceed to trial.