Two interesting updates have come from a May 27th Status Conference in Sebastian Greenwood’s criminal case.

The first update is that efforts to negotiate a pre-trial disposition of the case have thus far been unsuccessful.

As explained by prosecuting DOJ attorney Nicholas Folly;

Since our last appearance the parties have been in some discussions regarding a pre-trial disposition, and we had hoped to reach such a disposition.

Those discussions so far have been unsuccessful.

With respect to criminal cases, a pre-trial disposition typically involves a plea agreement.

As a result of the unsuccessful pre-trial disposition negotiations, the discovery phase of Greenwood’s case, which had been stayed pending the outcome of pre-trial disposition discussions, has been resumed.

After conferring with Greenwood’s attorney, the DOJ put forth a ninety-day schedule for production of discovery evidence.

Of interest is the revelation that a ton of evidence against Greenwood (right) hasn’t been presented before in related cases.

I think there will be a substantial portion of the discovery that overlaps with other matters before your honor.

And in addition to that I believe there will be a substantial portion that has not previously been comprehensively produced across other (OneCoin) defendants.

Greenwood’s attorney expressed concern about the volume of discovery being produced close to the end of the ninety-day schedule.

The DOJ stipulated it intends to produce discovery as it is made available on a “rolling basis”.

Whether Greenwood balks at the amount of evidence the DOJ has against him remains to be seen.

Failing which, looks like Greenwood thinks he might have a shot at trial.

We of course saw how that turned out for Mark Scott.

The court has scheduled the next status conference for September 10th.

Assuming there are no hiccups with discovery production, we should get a scheduled trial date then.


Update 16th September 2021 – On September 9th the court rescheduled Greenwood’s September 10th hearing to September 21st.