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NovaTech FX adds US & Canada to “restricted areas & regions”

NovaTech FX has added the US and Canada to its list of “restricted areas and regions”. Practically speaking the move means little but it’s the loudest acknowledgement of securities fraud yet.

NovaTech FX a no-show at Ontario securities fraud hearing

Despite being served notice of proceedings, NovaTech FX was a no-show at a securities fraud hearing in Ontario.

EmpiresX’s Nicholas confirms SEC NovaTech FX investigation

EmpiresX’s Joshua Nicholas has asserted “NovaTech FX has recently been brought to justice”. The claim, which BehindMLM has not been able to verify, was made in an April 11th court filing.

NovaTech FX investors threatened with “wrath greater than God’s”

As limited withdrawals continue to back up, weekly returns drop to a fraction of a percentage and regulators close in, Cynthia Petion is leaning more heavily into NovaTech FX’s religious undertones. Petion, who stylizes herself as NovaTech FX’s “Reverend CEO”, is now threatening to “rain down on” investors “greater than the wrath of God”.

NovaTech FX fined $50,000 for securities fraud in Wisconsin

NovaTech FX has received a securities fraud cease and desist from Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institutions. DFI’s notice details allegations of fraud, and includes proposed restitution and civil penalty orders.

NovaTech FX desperate for new victims, 50% recruitment bonus

Back in February NovaTech informed investors it was “temporarily freezing” withdrawals for 60 days. Last week Cynthia Petion confirmed withdrawals would remain frozen past the April 1st deadline. What NovaTech FX investors did get on April 1st, was news of further restrictions.

NovaTech FX to string victims along for “several more months”

The collapsed NovaTech FX Ponzi scheme looks set to drag its exit-scam on for the foreseeable future. With a previously set April 1st deadline approaching to provide access to invested funds, Cynthia Petion has now confirmed excuses will continue for “several more months”.

Nationwide NovaTech FX securities fraud warning in Canada

Following confirmation NovaTech FX operates illegally across the country, the Canadian Securities Administrators has issued a nationwide securities fraud warning.

5th NovaTech securities fraud warning from Canada (Quebec)

NovaTech FX has received a securities fraud warning from Quebec’s Autorite des Marches Financiers. NovaTech LTD was added to the AMF’s investor warnings list on February 3rd, 2023.

NovaTech FX ordered to cease trading in Ontario, Canada

NovaTech FX has been issued a temporary cease trade order by the Ontario Securities Commission.