As limited withdrawals continue to back up, weekly returns drop to a fraction of a percentage and regulators close in, Cynthia Petion is leaning more heavily into NovaTech FX’s religious undertones.

Petion, who stylizes herself as NovaTech FX’s “Reverend CEO”, is now threatening to “rain down on” investors “greater than the wrath of God”.

Petion’s threat was made on an April 17th voice recording, circulated 24 hours after news broke Wisconsin had fined NovaTech FX $50,000 for securities fraud.

Tellingly, Petion didn’t address Wisconsin’s fine in the recording. Instead Petion addressed investors targeting people who recruited them into NovaTech FX.

It has been brought to my attention … where our leaders are coming under attack.

There is nobody responsible for this business other than myself and the other administrators.

And I want to say this very loudly and very clearly; if I catch wind of anyone who is personally attacking or threatening one of our leaders, I promise you I will rain down on you greater than the wrath of god.

While I certainly don’t advocate attacking or threatening uplines, I have little sympathy for those who make a living recruiting people into scams.

There are consequences for this behaviour. One of which is having to front angry investors when a Ponzi scheme you’ve promoted collapses.

Petion, who stylizes herself as “the Reverend CEO”, claims every NovaTech FX investor has received at least one withdrawal over the past 30 days.

On April 1st NovaTech FX advised investors they would be limited to a 5% withdrawal cap. This limit is purportedly supposed to increase by 5% every month.

Whilst simultaneously restricting withdrawals, Petion has advised investors who “cannot risk loss” to “get out” of NovaTech FX.

Following state-level regulatory action from California and Wisconsin, BehindMLM anticipates federal securities and wire fraud charges will be filed against NovaTech FX at some point.

Whether Cynthia Petion and husband Eddie are still in the US has been unclear since late 2022.