Nerium Biotech has withdrawn its false advertising lawsuit against Neora.

As detailed in Nerium Biotech’s lawsuit filed back in July, Neora appeared to be falsely marketing its products using marketing attributable to Nerium Biotech’s products.

Nerium Biotech also claimed Neora had failed to turn over copyrighted and copyrightable marketing materials, as required by a previously agreed on settlement.

In a notice of dismissal filed on August 12th, Nerium Biotech states Neora

immediately removed the video from its United States’ YouTube channel the day it was served with Biotech’s lawsuit.

As with the 2019 Neora Firm Video, Neora pulled down this false advertising from its United States website the day after Biotech’s lawsuit was filed.

Finally, Biotech complained about doctored blog entries on Neora’s blog … and false newspaper references and headlines on Neora’s website.

Neora removed all of the identified materials from its United States website after Biotech filed its Complaint.

Neora’s removal of these false advertisements and Neora’s promise to not use these false advertisements in the future, in effect, constitutes the primary relief Biotech sought in its

Although Neora overstated its purportedly “complete” removal of offending false statements from all of its platforms, given its commitment to the Court to not engage in similar acts of false advertisements in the future, Biotech is willing to dismiss this proceeding without prejudice to give Neora the opportunity to finish removing its offending materials without further involvement from this Court.

Bit smiley on Neora’s part to try and get away with false advertising in the first place, but at least they’ve since done the right thing.

As per court order Nerium Biotech’s lawsuit was dismissed on August 13th.