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MBI International added to Central Bank of Malaysia’s alert list

Nine years after it launched in 2009, Malaysia’s top financial regulator has finally taken action against MBI International. Bank Negara Malaysia is pretty much Malaysia’s SEC equivalent and regulates the country’s financial sector. On May 22nd, the bank added MBI International and M Face International to its consumer alert list.

MBI International scammers arrested in Taiwan

This one slipped through the cracks and was only recently brought to our attention by BehindMLM reader “TS”. Turns out back in August a number of MBI International scammers were arrested in Taiwan. The following is a run down in English, from a third-party translation and that of Kasey Chang.

MBI International Review: Recruitment & GRC units

Before we get started, I have to clarify that MBI International the MLM opportunity do not operate from “mbiinternational.com”. This appears to be an unrelated entity. MBI International the MLM opportunity operate from “mbiv2u.com” and are the subject of this review. MBI International launched in 2009 and is headed up by Tedy Teow (right). As per Teow’s MBI [Continue reading…]