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LuLaRoe to fire warehouse staff five days before Christmas

LuLaRoe has announced an early gift to its one hundred and sixty-seven Californian warehouse staff: They’re all going to be fired five days before Christmas.

LuLaRoe’s gastric sleeve pressure group is next level creepy

While I’m aware of the common association of cultish tendencies within MLM companies, it’s not something I tend to dwell on. Extreme fans can be found cheering anything on, so I think definitively drawing a line between fanaticism and a cult is pretty difficult. And it’s not made any easier by those inside or who [Continue reading…]

The LuLaRoe victim class-action arbitration mess

LuLaRoe’s attempts to thwart a victim class-action has devolved into a legal mess. To recap, back in late 2017 LuLaRoe was sued by several former affiliates. The lawsuit claims damages of over $5 million and potentially 80,000 class members. As of April 17th, the case was stayed pending the outcome of compulsory arbitration. Three days [Continue reading…]

LuLaRoe a pyramid scheme alleges Washington AG lawsuit

Whereas regulation of the MLM sector came mostly to a standstill thanks to Trump’s shutdown, in some corners government employees are still active. One such corner is the Washington state AG’s Office, who are suing LuLaRoe for being a pyramid scheme.

LuLaRoe owes supplier $49 million, Stidhams threaten a runner?

If a recently filed lawsuit by their supplier Providence Industries MyDyer is to be believed, LuLaRoe’s owners are sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars. MyDyer and other suppliers are owed tens of millions, which Mark Stidham has told them he has no intention of paying.

LuLaRoe seek to divide and conquer in class-action arbitration

Of the affiliate lawsuits filed against LuLaRoe that are still playing out, the most prominent is a proposed class-action pertaining to the company’s return policy. The six-count complaint claims damages in excess of $5 million and seeks to represent a nationwide class of distributors who either attempted (unsuccessfully) to return inventory or purchased inventory during [Continue reading…]

LuLaRoe Review: $5000 lucky leggings lottery?

LuLaRoe was founded in 2012 and was incorporated in California a year later in May, 2013. Heading up the company is the co-founder husband and wife team, DeAnne and Mark Stidham (CEO). LuLaRoe itself is an amalgam of the names of DeAnne Stidham’s first three grandchildren. The LuLaRoe website very much presents Stidham (then DeAnne [Continue reading…]

LuLaRoe seek to force mommy blogger to disclose whistleblower sources

LuLaRoe are a fashion-based MLM company that have been around since 2012. Christina Hinks, a former LuLaRoe affiliate,  is a “mommy blogger” who goes by the alias MommyGyver. MommyGyver is also a website, on which Hinks frequently blogs about LuLaRoe. Much like what we publish here on BehindMLM from time to time, MommyGyver’s articles on [Continue reading…]