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LuLaRoe Review: $5000 lucky leggings lottery?

LuLaRoe was founded in 2012 and was incorporated in California a year later in May, 2013. Heading up the company is the co-founder husband and wife team, DeAnne and Mark Stidham (CEO). LuLaRoe itself is an amalgam of the names of DeAnne Stidham’s first three grandchildren. The LuLaRoe website very much presents Stidham (then DeAnne [Continue reading…]

LuLaRoe seek to force mommy blogger to disclose whistleblower sources

LuLaRoe are a fashion-based MLM company that have been around since 2012. Christina Hinks, a former LuLaRoe affiliate, ┬áis a “mommy blogger” who goes by the alias MommyGyver. MommyGyver is also a website, on which Hinks frequently blogs about LuLaRoe. Much like what we publish here on BehindMLM from time to time, MommyGyver’s articles on [Continue reading…]