LuLaRoe has announced an early gift to its one hundred and sixty-seven Californian warehouse staff:

They’re all going to be fired five days before Christmas.

While the company would have probably preferred to have kept the announcement under wraps until the date itself, Californian law requires LuLaRoe to provide sixty days notice.

The Press-Enterprise broke the story earlier today. They reached out to LuLaRoe last Friday but the company declined to comment.

No word yet on what impact this will have on LuLaRoe’s business operations.

In late 2018 LuLaRoe owner Mark Stidham threatened to pull a runner over $49 million in debt.

In January 2019 it emerged the Washington state AG’s office had filed a pyramid scheme lawsuit against LuLaRoe.

The company is also facing a potential civil class-action, also related to pyramid allegations.