Liyeplimal has received a securities fraud warning from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

The OSC issued five Liyeplimal fraud warnings on November 27th, pertaining to Liyeplimal, Global Investment Trading, Simtrex Commercial Brokers, SimbCoin and LimoCoin.

BehindMLM reviewed Liyeplimal in 2020. It’s an MLM crypto Ponzi, built around various shitcoins – the latest of which is LimoCoin Swap.

Oddly enough, Liyeplimal collapsed in February 2022. The website is still up however and. given OSC’s fraud warning, it seems investors are still being recruited.

For October 2023, SimilarWeb tracked just ~50,000 visits to Liyeplimal’s website. 8% of that traffic originated from France, 6% from ANgola, 5% from the US, 5% from Indonesia and 5% from Senegal.

Given Canada isn’t listed as a significant source of Liyeplimal website traffic, I’m guessing someone who speaks French is promoting it in Ontario.

Liyeplimal is run by Emile Parfait Simb, a serial Ponzi scammer from Africa.

In May 2022 Cameroon authorities arrested Simb, only for him to disappear under murky circumstances a month later.

Simb’s current whereabouts are unknown but he remains a wanted fugitive in Cameroon.

In addition to Ontario, Liyeplimal has received regulatory fraud warnings from COSUMAF (2020), West Africa (2021), Quebec (2021), Angola (2021) and British Columbia (2021).