Liyeplimal has received a joint securities fraud warning from Angola’s Comissao do Mercado de Capitais (CMC) and National Bank.

As per the August 4th notice, the CMC and National Bank of Angola warn Liyeplimal

investors are only responsible for purchasing investment packages, which pay weekly interest that guarantee returns of 60/70% per year.

We alert you to the fact that the cryptocurrency entitled Limo, does not have a market capitalization, is not traded on any known stock exchange, as well as to the fact that the entity acting through the website identified above is neither authorized nor registered with the CMC, nor of the BNA, for the exercise of any activity of financial intermediation in Angola.

The “website identified above” is Liyeplimal’s company website.

The CMC and National Bank of Angola’s joint-warning is the equivalent of a securities fraud warning in other jurisdictions.

Upon investigation, the CMC and National Bank of Angola observed Liyeplimal being promoted nationally via

several representatives working on social networks, which, in order to attract investors, they share videos on their Youtube channels and send telephone messages about ways to invest through this platform, as well as encourage these same investors to become Liyeplimal agents.

A similar warning was issued by the African regulator COSUMAF last October. The west African regulator CREPMF followed up with their own warning in March 2021.

It appears since then that Liyeplimal promotion is spreading down the west African coast.

Alexa currently estimates Angola is providing 75% of traffic to Liyeplima’s website.

BehindMLM reviewed Liyeplimal in mid 2020. We found a typical MLM Ponzi points scheme.

Liyeplimal is run by serial Ponzi promoter Simb Emile Parfait. Parfair relocated from Cameroon to Dubai in late 2020.

Dubai is a safe-haven for scammers due to a lack of regulation and non-cooperation with the foreign governments.