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LiveSmart 360 closes, affiliate-base sold to Shaklee?

Citing a “harsh economic climate”, a few days ago LiveSmart 360 announced that it was permanently closing its business operations. As per a LiveSmart 360 affiliate communication sent out on October 30th:

Manna 360: LiveSmart 360 tries to reinvent itself

LiveSmart 360 was the brainchild of Mark McCool when after a decade of running his previou company, CyberWize, product orders ground to a painful halt; In 2008 270 Cyberwize product orders were placed. In 2009 this number dropped to 26 and in 2010 the total orders placed appears to be just 3. Facing the inevitable [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360 in crisis? CEO begs members to stay

This is not a get rich quick scheme…this is not a hype company. This is a two to five year plan. I know one thing for sure and that is that there’s nothing more important when your building a business than commitment to yourself, commitment to the future and commitment to what you’re building. If [Continue reading…]

Would you give away $100,000s to generate MLM leads?

Generating MLM leads has never been easy. Sure, the internet has taken the edge off some off the workload and made targeted leads accessible to your average marketer, but even with targeted leads – you’ve still got to make that sale. That means when all is said and done if you don’t squeeze effectively, you’re [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360 executive takes home $57,500, then quits

this is… my last network marketing company. -Donna Valdes, ex frontline distributor for LiveSmart 360 One of the biggest cliches that exists in the MLM industry is the stereotype known as the MLM junkie. The MLM junkie is a network marketer that jumps on board a MLM business opportunity during pre-launch or the early stages [Continue reading…]

Top 8 LiveSmart 360 associates earn 35% of commissions

Unless you’re in the top bracket of an MLM or Network Marketing company, traditionally you don’t make a lot of money. Despite numerous startups over the years covering a variety of products and compensation plans, a common trait amongst these companies are that a small core of elite members take home the lion’s share of [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360 pays out less than $500 per associate

One of the things I was looking forward to with LiveSmart 360 was the culling of non-active members so that we could get an accurate view of associates who actually committed to themselves with the company. It’s one thing to get 160,000+ people to sign up for a business opportunity that costs them nothing and [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360’s Smartline: How much will you earn?

When LiveSmart 360 first launched their compensation plan it was a mess. I tried to do a writeup on the Smartline component of the LiveSmart compensation plan but hit a mathematical roadblock trying to understand it. Initially the LiveSmart 360 Smartline was billed as a compensation component that rewarded you for your position in the [Continue reading…]

The LiveSmart 360 ‘Smartline’ – How does it work?

Update 30th May, 2010: Since writing this article LiveSmart 360 have updated their compensation plan. /end update   I’ve since taken another look at the Smartline System and attempted to dissect how much money LiveSmart members can expect to earn from the Smartline System. From now until May 15th, you can join an exclusive, limited opportunity to [Continue reading…]

LiveSmart 360 Million Dollar Match: How hard is it?

One of the biggest touted features of SmartLine 360’s compensation plan is the Million Dollar Match. The Million Dollar Match was one of the first components of the Smartline 360 compensation plan that was released by the company. You’ve probably seen it mentioned multiple times in the promotional material put out by Smartline. CEO and [Continue reading…]