When LiveSmart 360 first launched their compensation plan it was a mess. I tried to do a writeup on the Smartline component of the LiveSmart compensation plan but hit a mathematical roadblock trying to understand it.

Initially the LiveSmart 360 Smartline was billed as a compensation component that rewarded you for your position in the Smartline.

Whilst this is is still true the updated compensation plan which was rolled out last week has diminished the importance of your place in the Smartline.

The Smartline System commission payout formula components

The new Smartline System introduces equal importance on three key factors, Smartline Points, PV and Personal Active (25 BV) enrollments.

1. Your Smartline position (points)

This is your position in the Smartline system and is based on when you joined LiveSmart 360.

Earlier members will have a higher place in the Smartline and those who joined place lower down the line.

Although the number is weighted, presumably it’s an equal weight distribution only influenced by your position in the Smartline itself.

2. Your Personal Sales Volume (PV)

This is the amount of sales volume you’ve personally generated. Obviously the more LiveSmart 360 products you sell the higher the multiplier in the Smartline equation.

3. The number of qualified personal enrolments you have in the Smartline

The number of qualified personal enrolments is also now a factor in determining your Smartline share.

Being a multiplier it’s probably not as weighted as your direct PV but it’s inclusion means that there is a direct line between your share and how many active members you recruit to Smartline 360.

The formula for calculating your share of the Smartline is ‘SmartLine Points x PV x Personal Active (25 BV) enrollments in the SmartLine’.

If you don’t have any direct personal enrolments under you you’re share of the Smartline remains at 0 (introducing 0 into a multiplier equation results in an automatic answer of 0).

The Smartline System payout pools

The Smartline system itself it split into 3 revenue pools, each containing one percent of the total company business volume (BV).

1. The Smartline Rookie pool

The Smartline Rookie Pool consists of 1% of the total monthly LiveSmart 360 business volume (BV) generated.

Qualification for the rookie pool in the Smartline System is a mere 25 PV. Using the formula components above your share of the rookie pool is calculated monthly.

2. The Smarline Executive Pool

Qualification for the Smartline Executive Pool requires LiveSmart members to be at the Executive rank or higher.

Executive rank requires 100 BV, 4 personally sponsored members under you or 400 PV generated in one month and 12 total active team members personally connected to you.

I believe ‘personally connected to you’ includes your downline’s personally sponsored members.

The Executive pool is worth 1% of the total monthly company BV and is split amongst qualifying members using the formula above.

3. The Smartline Star Pool

The Smartline Star Pool is made up of an additional 1% of the total monthly company BV, completing the 3% put aside for the Smartline pools.

Qualification for the Smartline Star Pool is a rank of Executive or higher and 20 active personal enrolments under you generating at least 50 BV.

So how much money can I make from the Smartline System?

This is where it gets tricky. What needs to be understood is that due to the calculation formula for the Smartline System payouts, the variables used make it incredibly hard to predict individual member commissions from month to month.

The main factors limiting any accuracy are the total number of qualified Smartline members, the total number of personal enrolments they each have and the amount of sales volume they each personally generate.

A slight change in any of these numbers will drastically effect the portions each of the Smartline Pool payouts.

The only way to somewhat accurately calculate what percentage share you’ll receive from a Smartline System pool is to know or have an idea of the average sales volume is for LiveSmart members along with the average number of enrolments they have.

With LiveSmart 360 still in softlaunch and the company set to ship products next month I guess we’ll have to wait and see before any hard numbers become available. Even then any calculations will rely on the accuracy of any numbers put out by LiveSmart 360 themselves, or whether they’ll publish any numbers at all.

In a recent promotional video Mike Potillo claimed that LiveSmart 360 had ‘a million dollar first week’ so that might give you a preliminary idea of what the revenue pools might look like for June.

At 4 million dollars monthly total BV each of the three Smartline System pools will be worth $40,000.

Mike doesn’t state however whether this is net profit or before or after expenses and salaries have been paid. To get a better picture of company profit and revenue pools we’re probably going to have to wait a few months at least.