livesmart-360-logoGenerating MLM leads has never been easy. Sure, the internet has taken the edge off some off the workload and made targeted leads accessible to your average marketer, but even with targeted leads – you’ve still got to make that sale.

That means when all is said and done if you don’t squeeze effectively, you’re not getting that signup.

As a result of wanting to differentiate themselves from the crowd, MLM markerters have come up with a few standardised ideas to entice leads to sign with them, or at the very least show some interest.

Currently the sweetener of choice across the internet (not just in MLM) is some sort of ebook. These ebooks will promise you a variety of things, and particularly when it comes to MLM, we’re usually talking ‘secrets they won’t tell you or don’t want you to know’, ‘how I discovered MLM’s secrets and now you can too!‘ etc.

Not that they’re not valid, but in becoming a standard to generate targeted leads for opt in email lists, marketers have had to think of other creative ways to set themselves apart.

One such marketer, Dave Jordan, has even gone so far as to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in giveaways?! Has Jordan gone too far or instead has he stumbled upon MLM marketing genius?

Dave Jordan runs ‘Hawks Hobby Heaven’ and

for the past two decades, Dave has been collecting millions of dollars worth of sports collectibles and hobby accessories.

His store Hawks Hobby Heaven sells to hobby and sports enthusiasts alike.

Jordan seems to be the real deal collectibles wise and over the past five years has gotten into the MLM industry. As I mentioned before, Jordan’s sales hook to capture leads is simply giving away little pieces of his memorabilia collection to anyone who’ll watch a business presentation or listen in on a call.

Now I’m not suggesting Jordan has lost the plot and is giving away centrepieces in his collection, but if the claims that ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars‘ in memorabilia have been given away are true, then that’s a pretty substantial number.

Jordan is currently with LiveSmart 360 and has some pretty ambitious plans, and already they seem to be working. For the month of February, Jordan was the top recruiter for LiveSmart and is committed to repeating his success in March and beyond.

Using his Hawks Hobby Warehouse business as a base, he wants to ‘generate 5,000 to 8,000 calls a day from his call center‘.

That’s outbound calls to presumably leads gathered by his unique sports memorabilia giveaway technique.

Personally I’m not too sure about the financial logistics of giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars in collectibles just to generate and collect leads but it seems (for now) to be working for Jordan.

In a YouTube video you can see that Jordan is investing quite heavily into his MLM plans and one can only hope that his perseverance and planning pays off.

Hats off to Jordan for trying something different. Using your existing assets to further your MLM venture is nothing new of course (people trade their downlines all the time from company to company), but I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen anyone give out memorabilia before to generate leads.

Meanwhile I’d hate for all of this to be a big financial mistake but one can only assume Jordan’s done the numbers and worked out a sustainable ratio of balancing his give aways with the amount of successful leads he captures.

Well, at least I hope for his sake he has. Currently it seems like anyone can show some interest in his business and receive free stuff. Not only that, but he’s also encouraging his downline to give away his memorabilia too.

Sooner or later the stock has to run out (at an exponential rate if his lead capturing methods pay off), and I can’t help but wonder what happens then.

What about you?

If you’d generated a successful business in marketing collectibles and amassing millions of dollars in inventory, would you have the stones to just start slowly giving it away to generate MLM leads?