Argentine authorities believe Leonardo Cositorto is now hiding in the Dominican Republic.

Wanted for financial crimes, Argentinian media are report an international arrest warrant has been issued through Interpol.

Cositorto is wanted as the founder of Generation Zoe, an MLM crypto cycler Ponzi that collapsed last month.

Arrests were made late last week, however Cositorto managed to flee Argentina for Spain. From there he is believed to have traveled to Colombia, before settling in the Dominican Republic.

In response to Generation Zoe and news of his international arrest warrant, Cositorto took to Zoom to beg for new investment.

Dismissing Generation Zoe collapsing as “difficulties”, Cositorto framed the Argentine crackdown as an “onslaught”.

Purportedly the money Cositorto begged for was to go to Generation Zoe’s victims.

In exchange for $100 investments, Cositorto promised a 20% ROI and “one-on-one coaching sessions”. He has also floated the possibility of launching “Generation Zoe 2.0”.

In footage of the webinar, Cositorto is reported to have equated Generation Zoe victims trying to withdraw to Judas.

On Tuesday Argentina’s top financial regulator, the Comisión Nacional de Valores, gave Generation Zoe an opportunity to explain itself.

Nobody from the company attended the meeting.

So far there has been radio silence from Dominican Republic authorities on Cositorto’s status.

The Dominican Republic has a horrendous MLM securities fraud track record, with Ponzi schemes like CashFX Group able to operate unabated for years.


Update 15th March 2022 – Leonardo Cositorto has turned up at a political rally in Colombia. Authorities have not yet arrested him.