Pursuant to a stipulation between Eric Dalius and the SEC, Dalius’ wife Kimberly has been dropped as a relief defendant.

The SEC sued Dalius and his company Saivian late last year. The regulator alleges Saivian was a $165+ million dollar Ponzi scheme

For her role in assisting her husband run Saivian, the SEC named Kimberly Dalius as a relief defendant.

As per the filed January 30th stipulation, Dalius has agreed to

provide the SEC with twenty (20) days’ notice of certain potential uses of assets and to maintain an agreed upon minimum balance in his bank or brokerage accounts.

In exchange the SEC agreed to

dismiss relief defendant Kimberly Dalius, without prejudice and subject to Mr. Dalius’s compliance with the Notice Agreement.

The stipulation was approved on January 31st. On February 5th the SEC filed a notice of dismissal pertaining to Mrs. Dalius.

The latest filing in the Saivian Ponzi case is a February 25th stipulated agreement, in which an extension to Dalius’ response deadline is requested.

The stated reason for the request is

ongoing discussions that could eliminate the need for Defendants to respond to the Complaint.

Whether Dalius will reach a settlement with the SEC however remains to be seen.

In the meantime the stipulation was granted, extending the response deadline to April 5th.

Stay tuned…


Update 7th January 2020 – No settlement as at the time of this update.

As per an order last month, the SEC vs. Saivian trial has been scheduled for March 2021.