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Kairos Technologies not paying affiliates, blames hackers

Looks like someone over at Kairos Technologies recently acquired The Book of Ponzi Excuses 101. Over the last few weeks Kairos Technologies has had trouble paying affiliates. In addition to affiliate accounts randomly not working, last week the Kairos Technologies backoffice went offline. The company also lost ePayments as a processor, which it replaced with Paysera, a [Continue reading…]

Kairos Technologies under investigation in Estonia

Hot on the heels of a Turkish regulatory investigation and warning issued by Lithuania, now news that Kairos Technologies is under investigation in Estonia.

Kairos Technologies warning issued in Lithuania

Amid ongoing reports of affiliates not getting paid, a regulatory investigation in Turkey and warning issued by Slovakian authorities, Lithuania’s State Consumer Rights Protection Authority has now also issued a warning against Kairos Technologies. Referring to the scheme as a possible “new financial pyramid” operating in the country, the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (VVTAT) are now [Continue reading…]

Kairos Technologies under investigation in Turkey

Turkey’s Customs and Trade Minister has declared Kairos Technologies to be a pyramid scheme. The announcement was made after over six thousand complaints were filed with the Ministry, with Kairos Technologies now the subject of an official investigation.

Kairos Technologies warning issued by Slovakian regulator

Following reports of Slovakian affiliates being unable to withdraw commissions, a warning against Kairos Technologies has been issued by the Slovakian Trade Inspection. The Slovakian Trade Inspection (SOI) is a financial regulator run by the Slovakian government. In addition to regulation as per local laws, SOI also enforce compliance with EU regulations. On July 1st SOI [Continue reading…]

Kairos Technologies Review: Cloud-services & Ponzi ROIs

Aside from claiming to be based in the UK, there is no information on the Kairos Technologies website indicating who owns or runs the business. A Google search of the provided UK address reveals multiple businesses operating out of the same address, suggesting that it is a rented mailing address. A “US Representative Office” address is [Continue reading…]