kairos-technologies-logoHot on the heels of a Turkish regulatory investigation and warning issued by Lithuania, now news that Kairos Technologies is under investigation in Estonia.

On August 4th Estonia’s Consumer Protection Board announced they are investigating Kairos Technology to determine ‘whether there is illegal activity or not‘.

Research has prompted doubts as to whether it is sufficiently reliable business as the company is registered in Great Britain, and which country’s legislation applies to the company’s activities,” said Turetski ERR news portal.

As is typical of MLM underbelly schemes, Kairos Technologies has a shell registration in the UK but refers to New Zealand law in its Terms and Conditions. Other than existing on paper, Kairos Technologies has no actual physical presence in either country.

Kairos Technologies CEO Janni Cavassini is based out of Dubai, which appears to be where Kairos Technology is operated from.

Pyramid schemes in Estonia are banned as per the Consumer Protection Act. BehindMLM reviewed Kairos Technologies in September 2015 and concluded it was a Ponzi scheme.

The Consumer Protection Board are also currently investigating Global InterGold, another Ponzi scheme believed to be operated out of Russia.