kairos-technologies-logoFollowing reports of Slovakian affiliates being unable to withdraw commissions, a warning against Kairos Technologies has been issued by the Slovakian Trade Inspection.

The Slovakian Trade Inspection (SOI) is a financial regulator run by the Slovakian government. In addition to regulation as per local laws, SOI also enforce compliance with EU regulations.

On July 1st SOI published a warning against Kairos Technologies, urging ‘consumers to carefully consider purchasing (the) products of this company‘.

SOI’s warning comes after an internal investigation found none of the companies claims about their business model could “reasonably be demonstrated”.

As per BehindMLM’s Kairos Technologies review, the company offers cloud services in exchange for thousands of dollars in investment.

In exchange for running an application (that doesn’t appear to do anything), Kairos Technologies pays their affiliates an annual ROI of up to 250%.

Being unable to identify a source of revenue other than affiliate investment, I concluded Kairos Technologies was a Ponzi scheme.

SOI have issued their warning in lieu of Kairos Technologies being “outside their supervisory scope”.

SOI claim to have reported Kairos Technologies possible fraudulent conduct to a national supervisory authority, who will investigate further.

Meanwhile we’re receiving reports that Kairos Technologies withdrawals in Slovakia have been impossible since late June.

Stay tuned…