kairos-technologies-logoTurkey’s Customs and Trade Minister has declared Kairos Technologies to be a pyramid scheme.

The announcement was made after over six thousand complaints were filed with the Ministry, with Kairos Technologies now the subject of an official investigation.

Complaints against Kairos Technologies increased in density last year, culminating in 6502 complaints filed to date.

Most of the complaints are in regards to Consumer Protection and accuse Kairos Technologies of masquerading as a legitimate MLM company.

According to Turkish law, Kairos Technologies would be classified illegal if

a sum of money or property was exchanged between participants in the system under a condition that promised money or property when other participants were found to join the opportunity.

Among other things, BehindMLM’s September 2015 review of Kairos Technologies found the company paid a percentage commission on the recruitment of new affiliates.

As per Turkish law;

The establishment and promotion of Pyramid selling systems is prohibited.

The Customs and Trade Ministry seeks to establish whether Kairos Technologies and its local promoters have operated in violation of the law.

“(Steps have been taken) to the audit (Kairos Technologies and) examine (it) under the relevant legislation”, said Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci.

In related news, Slovakian authorities recently issued their own warning against the company.

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