Just wanted to thank you for the review. I have had a ton of marketers ask about this particular opportunity and will be directing them to this review.

The company should make things a little more clear on what it is all about, just because it is FREE does not make it better. Thank you for the review and I will be linking to it shortly…..

-David J. Boozer, endorsing BehindMLM’s review of Wazzub (January 2012)


Paul Burks, CEO of Zeek Rewards, achieved a number of things in his long MLM career, but what most people in the industry are going to remember him for is introducing a whole new generation of MLM marketers to the Ponzi scheme.

Not only that, but he also seemingly managed to convince a great deal of them that the model works.

In the aftermath of Burks legacy the MLM industry has seen wave after wave of ex-Zeek Rewards affiliates pushing the latest Zeek Rewards clones, all eager to carve out their own slice of the emerging “revenue-sharing” MLM Ponzi scheme hybrid niche.

With most investors in the various revenue-sharing companies operating today having begun their Ponzi careers in Zeek Rewards, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see some of the all-too-familiar terminology used to market such schemes emerge.

The latest? JubiRev is provides “guaranteed profit”.

The above statement appears on the marketing blog of David J. Boozer, with Boozer asking “is JubiRev the revenue sharing opportunity of the future?”


The “review”, complete with JubiRev affiliate link with which Boozer hopes to attract new investors, features a picture that invites visitors to Boozer’s site to “be successful” with JubiRev and “get guranteed (sic) profit” from it.

Needless to say regulators in the US take a very dim view of income opportunities when it comes to MLM (hybrid Ponzi schemes or otherwise).

Accompanying Boozers “guranteed profit” graphic is also a fourteen minute video in which he is quick to dismiss the analytic viewpoint that JubiRev is a Ponzi scheme, based on the fact that it shares the same Ponzi points business model as the $600M Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme (on which JubiRev was modeled):

[1:49] Now if you’re here and you think that this is some network marketing Ponzi scheme, revenue-sharing ummm, uh… uh… hole from which there is no return, well, y’know what – whatever. I don’t even know why you’re here on the video (laughter).

Matter of fact go get a 9-5 job because that’s about as pyramid as it gets. And if you want a Ponzi scheme (Boozer clicks his tongue), wait for your social security.

I’m not kidding. Social security, medicare? Ponzi schemes. 9-5 job? Pyramid.

A strawman argument at best, whether or not a 9-5 job, social security and medicare are Ponzi or pyramid schemes of course has nothing to do with what JubiRev and its business model.

Boozer also states in the video his recommendation that ‘every network marketing company should have a revenue-sharing program” [1:18], and that participation in revenue-sharing schemes is “entrepreneurship” and “freedom”.

Acknowledging that he’s been “in a couple” of revenue-sharing schemes that “have gone bye-bye” [3:23], Boozer claims the problem with revenue-sharing schemes is that “they don’t last that long, that’s the problem” [3:15].

The typical life-span of an online Ponzi scheme is roughly two years (Boozer refers to this as “the two year mark”), however after Zeek Rewards was shutdown this has been drastically reduced (at least on the MLM hybrid side of things), with many owners recently shutting their schemes down after the SEC reaffirmed with Zeek Rewards that Ponzi schemes, no matter how they are marketed, are illegal.

Boozer goes on to reveal that he was also an affiliate of GoFunRewards, another revenue-sharing company who recently shut down their US operations citing concerns over the legality of the revenue-sharing business model.

Boozer mentions another revenue-sharing opportunity in the video, stating

[4:24] I’m already in another revenue-share, I’m already doing that, it’s already built up, got hundreds and hundreds of uh, uh, uh people inside the program. And they’re doing wonderfully, they’re all making money, taking money every day and every week.

Boozer doesn’t name the company but further research reveals he is an affiliate of AddWallet:


Addwallet shares a similar revenue-sharing scheme compensation plan to Zeek Rewards and JubiRev that has affiliates invest in “advertising units” for a 90 day ROI.

On his blog, Boozer writes

companies like Go Fun Places, World Consumer Alliance and a small handful of others are taking this new “compensation plan” seriously and legally.

There were a couple recent programs that were considered illegal pyramid programs that contained similar compensation structures, but in reality it was the fact the services or products were under delivering, not an “illegal” compensation plan.

While some may have been hurt by the ZeekRewards of the world, many companies today know the compensation structure is legal.

Boozer was of course an affiliate in Zeek Rewards, and upon reading the BehindMLM review of Zeek, left several unpublishable comments in response.

That these comments were not published only further infuriated Boozer, who on May 4th 2012 went on to publish a thirteen minute video titled “Zeek Rewards Behindmlm.com Review”.

In the video (which he openly admits is biased), Boozer refers to himself as a “successful guy online” and claims to have conducted “60 days” due diligence into Zeek Rewards before giving it the all clear. Boozer also accuses BehindMLM of just “blatantly lying and attacking stuff”.

Three and a half months after Boozer published his “review”, Zeek Rewards was shutdown by the SEC for being a $600M Ponzi scheme.

Shortly after that Boozer deleted the above video from YouTube, along with the accompanying article slamming BehindMLM’s analysis of Zeek Rewards he had published on his blog.


As you’ll note, once Boozer discovered we had reviewed an opportunity he was trying to recruit people into, his response acidically differs to the glowing endorsement of our earlier Wazzub review (written using the  same analytic methodology as the BehindMLM Zeek Rewards review).

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Paul Burks achieved a number of things in the MLM industry whilst running Zeek and unfortunately one of them is a legacy of angry MLM marketers, hell-bent on letting go of the idea that Ponzi schemes are legal and sustainable.

These disillusioned affiliates spur eachother on and are now spread out over a series of reload scams, targeting those who had invested in Zeek Rewards and similar schemes after it.

They’re angry at the US government, they’re angry at the payment processors holding their money at the behest of investigators, they’re angry at analysts such as myself who call out these schemes for what they are, they’re angry at anyone who doesn’t just sign up under them and blindly invest their money…

They’re angry at everyone except the people who run these scams and duped them to begin with.


Update 10th December 2018 – As of December 2018 David Boozer has removed the fourteen minute “JubiRev is not a Ponzi scheme” video from his YouTube channel.