IM Mastery Academy has received a securities fraud warning from Luxembourg’s Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier.

As per the CSSF’s May 24th warning;

The CSSF warns the public of the activities of the company Markets Live Inc (IM MASTERY ACADEMY).

The company International Markets Live Inc targets especially a young audience on the Luxembourg territory and mainly advertises on social media.

The arguments used always remain the same: win easy money on the financial markets by following their various training.

The CSSF informs the public that the company International Markets Live Inc is unknown to the CSSF and that it has not been granted any authorisation to provide financial services in or from Luxembourg.

The CSSF advises it issued an IM Mastery Academy securities fraud warning after it

 was informed that a promotional event will soon take place in Luxembourg to attract new members.

I wasn’t able to confirm an IM Mastery Academy event in Luxembourg. As per IM Mastery Academy’s events website, the next scheduled event is in Zagreb, Croatia.

IM Mastery Academy is a US-based MLM company run by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre.

IM Mastery Academy pitches automated returns via “algorithms”. Attached to this is a retail-absent MLM pyramid scheme.

As referenced in the CSSF’s warning, IM Mastery Academy is also known as “Markets Live Inc”. This is a throwback to the previous company name iMarketsLive.

Terry rebooted iMarketsLive as IM Mastery Academy in 2019. The reboot followed a $150,000 fine from the CFTC for commodities fraud.

iMarketsLive affiliates were receiving automated returns from an entity run by individuals who were not registered and thus authorized provide such a service.

Recently we learned US authorities are once again investigating IM Mastery Academy and Terry. This time it’s the FTC.

Outside of the US, IM Mastery Academy has received regulatory attention from PeruColombiaSpain (arrests), Seychelles and Poland.