Back in late March we learned several IM Mastery affiliates had been arrested in Spain.

At the time names of suspects were not released. At the time “Awaken Dreamers” was the top Spanish IM Mastery Academy downline.

A follow up report from El Pais confirms Awaken Dreamers leaders were among those arrested.

As per an April 18th El Pais report;

Albert F., Iván B., Cristian A. and José Francisco T. are some of the suspects being investigated by a Madrid court.

The initial complaint, on behalf of the victims, accuses them of fraud, misleading advertising, psychological coercion, criminal organization, and crimes against public finances and against the Social Security system.

As BehindMLM reported on March 24th, Ivan Briongos is the ringleader behind Awaken Dreamers.

“Albert F.” would be Albert Ferrer, “Cristian A.” is Christian Adell. I wasn’t able to pin down “José Francisco T.”

In any event, it appears IM Mastery’s Awaken Dreams downline has been disabled.

IM Mastery Academy did not respond to El Pais’ requests for comment.

Spanish authorities began investigating IM Mastery Academy following complaints from distraught parents. El Pais’ report details several horror stories.

“You’re going to get rich. Your parents won’t understand, nor will your friends. You are a visionary who is aligned with today’s times,” says Raquel, recalling the lines that her daughter repeated to her.

“She became a different person.” The day her parents refused to continue paying for her courses, “she took her backpack and left,” laments her mother.

“She has forgotten her family, her group of friends… I don’t even know where she lives. And now I’m her enemy because I don’t understand her and I don’t support her.”

IM Mastery targeting young people is reminiscent of Vemma targeting college students, a core focal point of the FTC’s lawsuit against the pyramid scheme.

The common link between Vemma and IM Mastery Academy is Alex Morton.

Morton was the top Vemma promoter during the FTC’s alleged conduct. He is now IM Mastery Academy’s Executive Vice President.

Following the arrest of its top Spanish promoters, IM Mastery Academy pushed ahead with a scheduled marketing event in Barcelona in early April.

Since then IM Mastery Academy recruitment in Spain has collapsed. The company would eventually go on to throw arrested affiliates under the bus.

Based on its business model BehindMLM maintains IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scheme, likely also engaged in securities fraud.

SimilarWeb ranks top sources of traffic to IM Mastery Academy’s website as Italy (15%, up 45% month on month), Chile (12%), Germany (11%, up 63% month on month) and the US (11%, down 28% month on month).