iComTech promoter Marco Ruiz Ochoa has been sentenced to five years in prison.

As per Ochoa’s January 19th judgment, in addition to his prison sentence he’s up for $914,000 in forfeiture and “any and all property” connected to iComTech.

Further restitution has been deferred till April 3rd, 2024.

iComTech was an MLM Ponzi pitching daily returns of up to 2.8%. The scam, primarily pitched to Spanish-speaking communities across the US and Latin America, collapsed in 2019.

Ochoa (right), along with iComTech founder David Carmona and four other promoters, were indicted in October 2022.

Ochoa pled guilty to iComTech related fraud charges last September.

David Carmona has also pled guilty, along with Juan Arellano on January 16th.


Carmona’s sentencing has yet to be scheduled.

Remaining iComTech promoter defendants Moses Valdez, Juan Arellano, David Brend and Gustavo Rodriguez are scheduled to face trial on February 28th.


Update 17th March 2024 – David Brend and Gustavo Rodriguez have been found guilty.