Sam Lee’s VidiLook reboot has collapsed. Withdrawals were disabled on August 29th.

Instead of fronting investors himself, Lee left it up to partner-in-crime Shavez Anwar to come up with an explanation.

As per Anwar in an August 30th webinar, Lee’s VidiLook reboot collapsed due to “draining of the marketing fund”.

This occured due to an “aggressive pull out of money” and “no more new recruitment” of investors.

In other words, VidiLook’s withdrawals stripped the rate of new investment (again). This inevitably happens in every Ponzi scheme.

Despite nobody except Sam Lee, his accomplices and top recruiters making any money, Anwar and top VidiLook promoter Tami Jackson reassured investors they hadn’t lost any money.

Apparently VidiLook investor funds are being held in a “proof of reserve” fund. The claim rings hollow with nobody in VidiLook able to withdraw.

Jackson went on to claim there is a “solution” to VidiLook’s second collapse. Details weren’t provided though because the solution hasn’t been “quite hashed out”.

On a webinar held a day later on August 31st, Anwar revealed the solution was to rebrand and launch a crypto mining ruse Ponzi (Sam Lee was still a no-show).

VidiLook’s third reboot will see the scam solicit new investment in increments of $50, $500 or $5000. Each investment tier purportedly pays 300%.

“Passes” costing upwards of $25,500 are also available. These include “a selfie with Chairman Sam Lee”.

VidiLook mining will purportedly be of “Bitcoin Code (BTCC), a shitcoin created by Anwar.

This obviously raises the question of why go through a mining ruse if Anwar owns the shitcoin.  Or where Bitcoin Code will be sold once dumped on VidiLook investors, given there’ll be no interest in the shitcoin outside of VidiLook’s third reboot.

Shavez claims VidiLook’s third reboot won’t collapse because he’s “mentally stable”.

I don’t jump on Zoom to Zoom and say, “Come on, put your money in this. And then this. And then this. And then this. So-“

Tami Jackson appears to have Anwar on a leash and prevented him from further elaborating.

Nonetheless, the implication appears to be Same Lee is out (after running off with invested funds again), because he’s mentally unstable.

To that end, Lee appeared on his own “StableDAO” webinar yesterday.

I’d like to make sure that things are moving forward with the original vision and the original intention of building a one-billion person community.

Lee went on to blab about “creating an alternative finance system”. He eventually addressed VidiLook towards the end of the webinar.

Unfortunately there is a commercial dispute with VidiLook for a very long time.

It’s just unfortunately I can’t reveal that because it’s not my business. I’m not the owner.

VidiLook’s third reboot is scheduled to launch on September 5th.