Hyperverse scammers have roped Chuck Norris into promoting the Ponzi scheme.

Earlier today a thirty-second video featuring Norris promoting Hyperverse was uploaded to YouTube.

Norris, 81, is a personality for hire on Cameo.

Norris isn’t taking video requests over the holidays, suggesting the Hyperverse Cameo video was shot sometime earlier in December.

For a fee, typically a few hundred dollars for well-known personalities, anyone can have a script read out.

Here’s the Chuck Norris Hyperverse script:

Chuck Norris here, and I want to give a shoutout to Hyperverse.

Under the leadership of CEO Steven, Hyperverse will be the leader of the metaverse space.

This is the dawn of a new beginning with a metaverse odyssey with endless possibilities.

Keep up all the great work and just know your Chuck Norris approves!

Your friend, Chuck Norris.

Obviously Norris isn’t directly involved in Hyperverse. He and his team likely have no idea what it is.

Hyperverse is the third Ponzi reboot under the HyperTech brand. It follows HyperCapital and HyperFund, both of which collapsed.

HyperTech’s Ponzi schemes are run by Ryan Xu (aka Zijing Xu) and Samuel Lee (Xue Lee), who both fled to Dubai last year.

Xu and Lee are being pursued by Australian liquidators, seeking to recover almost $50 million AUD in losses.

Hyperverse was quickly put together following HyperFund’s collapse last November.

The scheme is believed to be selectively paying out top promoters, whilst subjecting the majority of investors to withdrawal failures.

Back in 2017 the SEC warned against investing in schemes backed by celebrities.

Celebrity endorsement does not mean that an investment is legitimate or that it is appropriate for all investors.

It is never a good idea to make an investment decision just because someone famous says a product or service is a good investment.

The majority of Hyperverse investors are believed to be from the US. Alexa currently ranks the US as the top source of traffic to Hyperverse’s website (39%).

If Cameo style promo videos to promote MLM Ponzis becomes a thing, perhaps we’ll see a crackdown in 2022.


Update 5th January 2022 – Following a second promo video featuring Steve Wozniak, Hyperverse corporate appear to be targeting well-known personalities on Cameo.