Following a Cameo video of Chuck Norris promoting the Hyperverse Ponzi scheme, corporate has followed up with another video.

This time it’s seventy-one year old Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak’s Cameo promo vid for Hyperverse first appeared on Steven Reece Lewis’ Twitter feed ~24 hours ago.

Here’s the script Hyperverse paid Wozniak to read out:

It’s Steve Wozniak here, Apple co-founder.

And I’m here to support Steven and Hyperverse. Hmm, two Steves again?

Reimagine a virtual world open for exploration in any way you choose.

Be a galaxy pioneer. Go on intergalactic explorations. Collect exclusive in-world NFTs.

Can’t wait for the Hyperverse!

Steven Reece Lewis is parent company HyperTech’s newly appointed Boris CEO.

On his Cameo profile page, Wozniak states he’s doing videos “for charity”.

A Cameo business promo video featuring Wozniak costs $5000.

Given this now evidently a trend, Hyperverse appears to be releasing Cameo videos to detract away from ongoing withdrawal problems.

Evidence provided by a BehindMLM reader reveals withdrawal failures, which began in late November, are still occuring as of January 3rd.

Hyperverse has not publicly addressed why affiliates are unable to withdraw.

Instead HyperTech’s puppet CEO Steven Lewis is shitposting Cameo videos on Twitter. HyperTech’s owners Ryan Xu and Sam Lee remain in hiding.