HyperTech and associated Ponzi schemes have received a securities fraud warning from Alberta, Canada.

The Alberta Securities Commission added HyperTech, HyperFund, HyperNation and Hyperverse to its Investment Caution List on February 7th.

The ASC advises;

To help inform and protect investors, the ASC provides a list of companies and individuals that are not registered with the ASC and that appear to be engaging in activities that either require registration under Alberta securities laws or may be investment scams.

Investors are encouraged to consult this list if they are considering investing, especially if they are approached with an unsolicited investment opportunity.

HyperTech was a Ponzi incubator run by Ryan Xu (Zijing Xu) and Sam Lee (aka Xue Lee).

HyperFund, Hyperverse and HyperNation were respective collapsed Ponzi schemes launched under HyperTech branding.

As HyperFund took off globally, Xu and Lee fled to Dubai in 2021.

Since the collapse of the HyperTech Ponzi schemes, Lee (right) and two HyperFund promoters have been indicted. The SEC also filed civil fraud charges against Lee last month.

Sheltered by Dubai’s authorities, Lee continues to defraud consumers. Lee’s latest scams are Satoshi Math Club and VEND.

The host-suspended StableDAO website was also recently brought back online.

Pending his arrest, Lee remains a wanted fugitive. The status and whereabouts of Ryan Xu remains unclear since HyperFund collapsed in 2021.