HyperPay, the payment processor attached to Hyperverse, is pretending it has nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme.

The strange announcement was made on Twitter a few days ago;

Recently, we have heard some misunderstanding views about HyperPay and Hyperverse.

So here we solemnly declare that HyperPay has nothing to do with Hyperverse, and we haven’t reached any partnership until now.

HyperPay has been the internal processor for HyperTech’s various Ponzi schemes over the years.

BehindMLM first documented HyperPay in our 2020 HyperCapital review.

When HyperCapital collapsed, it was rebooted as HyperFund. When HyperFund collapsed, it was rebooted as Hyperverse.

HyperPay has been a constant across all three HyperTech Ponzi schemes.

The only reason HyperPay even has its own Twitter account is because owner Ryan Xu runs his Ponzi scheme through a series of umpteen shell companies.

Lots of logos on the marketing material makes it easier to dupe gullible investors I guess.

One reason HyperPay might be pretending it has nothing to do with Hyperverse is ongoing withdrawal problems.

We last checked in with Hyperverse back in early March. At the time they’d just introduced a new 400% ROI plan, while continuing to block withdrawal requests.

Some selective withdrawals went through over the past month but otherwise investors are realizing, once their plans expire, that they’re unable to cash out.

On the plus side HyperPay is one of the few components of HyperTech that’s still communicating publicly. Ryan Xu is on the run and hasn’t been seen since late 2021.

Sam Lee has also disappeared and Hyperverse Boris CEO Steven Lewis is little more than a bot posting cringe on Twitter.

With the exception of Kalpesh Patel, the majority of top Hyperverse earners have quietly moved on.