A top promoter and net-winner in GSPartners is a scheduled presenter at Go Pro Xperience 2023.

Go Pro Xperience is an event put on by veteran MLM industry figure Eric Worre.

As pitched by Worre himself;

If you’re serious about your entrepreneurial journey, and you’re sold on Network Marketing, you need to get to to this event, PERIOD.

In a FaceBook post dated November 30th, Andrew Eaton revealed he was

Excited to share the stage this weekend in Las Vegas, USA and to be live-streamed into tens of thousands of homes globally with Mr. Go Pro himself, Eric Worre.

Eaton credits a Go Pro event “ten years ago” with leading him down the path of MLM related securities fraud.

The current fraudulent investment scheme Eaton promotes, GSPartners, has received no less than ten US regulatory enforcement actions over the past month.

  1. Texas describes GSPartners as “various fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable harm”
  2. Washington describes GSPartners’ MLM business as “fraudulent activity”
  3. Alabama claims GSPartners was “evading Alabama laws and making guarantees that are unrealistic”
  4. California describes GSPartners as a “fraudulent crypto investment scheme”
  5. Kentucky asserted GSPartners “acted as an unregistered issuer of unregistered securities through its publicly available websites”
  6. Wisconsin describes GSPartners as a “global fraud scheme”
  7. Arkansas claims GSPartners is “perpetrating numerous fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable harm to investors”
  8. New Hampshire has accused GSPartners of “fraud and deception”
  9. Arizona determined GSPartners’ threat to “public welfare requires immediate action” and
  10. Florida’s undercover investigation into GSPartners revealed “unlawful activities

Furthermore Eaton is a South African National. On November 22nd the FSCA issued a GSPartners securities fraud warning.

In a July 25th, 2023 press-release Eaton paid for, he cites himself as “a co-founding member of GSPartners and leader to help expand the company’s growth”.

While GSPartners executives and many of Eaton’s fellow top promoters were named in the US enforcement actions, Eaton wasn’t. This is perhaps why he felt it was safe to fly to the US to attend Go Pro 2023.

What I can’t wrap my head around is why Eric Worre thinks its a good idea to have Eaton, as a top GSPartners promoter and net-winner, speak to “tens of thousands” of consumers.

I guess the obvious motive is money.

Through what is believed to be an undisclosed financial arrangement, Eric Worre has spoken at two GSPartners marketing events.

The first was in-person in Dubai in May 2022:

The second was an on-screen appearance at GSPartners’ recent South African event (held just days before the FSCA’s fraud warning).

Over the past few years Worre has increasingly aligned himself with fraudulent MLM investment opportunities, raising eyebrows across the industry.

BehindMLM first noted Worre joining the Dubai MLM Ponzi circuit in May 2022.

This eventually led to Worre joining the Omega Pro executive team as “Official Strategic Coach”.

OmegaPro collapsed a few months later, generating what is believed to be hundreds of millions of dollars in consumer losses (if not more).

It then emerged that Worre and wife Marina were net-winners in the collapsed Traders Domain Ponzi scheme.

Between the two of them, CoffeeZilla reported the Worre’s stole at least $21.4 million through The Traders Domain.

It’s believed part of Worre’s haul was obtained by recruiting MLM leaders through Go Pro into The Traders Domain.

As he did with OmegaPro, Worre’s response to this bombshell was to distance himself – effectively giving his victims the finger.

As previously stated, whatever financial arrangement exists between Worre and GSPartners is non-public.

What we do know though is it is utterly disgraceful for Worre to be giving Ponzi scammers under US federal investigation a public platform at his Go Pro event.

Hopefully this continuing paper trail is of use to relevant authorities when the time comes.


Update 12th December 2023 – Tony De Gouveia was also present at Go Pro Xperience.

De Gouveia is another high-ranking GSPartners top earner from South Africa.

Both De Gouveia and Andrew Eaton attended an after party event, held at Eric Worre’s Las Vegas residence.