Josip Heit has abandoned four GSB Gold Standard Corporation related companies.

From UK Companies House records;

Josip Heit (right), of Croatian nationality, is listed as a Director in all four companies.

Sanjay Nath, a purported UK national and long-time accomplice of Heit’s, is listed as a Director and Secretary of GSB Gold Standard PLC.

Heit is a Director in GSB Financial Services LTD and GSB Gold Standard B Corporation LTD, two active GSB related shell companies that both in the process of being struck off over long overdue filings.

Other GSB related shell companies registered in the UK include GS Chain PLC (active), and GS&IB Fintech LTD (dissolved August 2023).

While the specifics aren’t known, the GSB UK companies are believed to be part of a wider network of shell companies used to launder GSPartners investor funds.

GSPartners was a fraudulent investment scheme run by Heit as part of GSB Gold Standard Corporation.

Following over a dozen regulatory fraud warnings throughout 2023, GSPartners collapsed in December 2023.

YouTube recently terminated GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s official YouTube channel. GSPartners’ social media accounts were also recently renamed and scrubbed of content.

After GSPartners there was a short-lived GSPro reboot. Presently GSB and Heit continue to defraud investors outside of the US and Canada through Billionico and Auratus Gold.

Billionico started off as a suspected GSPartners backdoor for US and Canadian investors. It then became a weird culty membership scheme pitched at South Africans.

Billionico recruitment in South Africa is believed to have halted following a GSPartners related arrest last month.

Auratus Gold was a fake gold fraudulent investment scheme primarily pitched at Australians. New shell companies attached to Auratus Gold include:

  • Helvetic Digital Finance AG (Switzerland)
  • TAS Helvetic Gold Trading LLC (Dubai)
  • DX and One Trust LTD (Bulgaria)
  • MTX Finance LLC (Montana, US) and
  • Link Genius Portal LLC (Dubai)\

The investment side of Auratus Gold collapsed on June 22nd.