The latest iteration of GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s ongoing series of fraudulent investment schemes has collapsed.

As per a June 20th edit to Auratus Gold’s website terms and conditions;

Only gold purchased in The Auratus Standard online shop can be placed in the TAS Vaults

This product is no longer for sale ( as of 22/06/2024)

Auratus Gold’s fraudulent investment scheme saw investors, mostly GSPartners promoters and victims from Australia, invest up to €10,000 euros in internally generated TAS Gold tokens.

The tokens were then parked in a virtual “TAS Vault”. This was done on the promise of periodic “vault cycle” passive returns.

TAS Vault returns were paid in TAS Gold, which investors could theoretically cash out until Auratus Gold inevitably collapsed.

Auratus Gold represented invested euros were tied to physical gold. Due to a lack of regulatory compliance however, the only verifiable source of revenue entering Auratus Gold was new investment.

Shell companies attached to Auratus Gold included:

  • Helvetic Digital Finance AG (Switzerland)
  • TAS Helvetic Gold Trading LLC (Dubai)
  • DX and One Trust LTD (Bulgaria)
  • MTX Finance LLC (Montana, US) and
  • Link Genius Portal LLC (Dubai)

Auratus Gold’s website terms and conditions suggests investor fund were, in part or otherwise, laundered through “Zai Cards”.

ZAI Card:

1. ZAI Card is a promotional product only

2. ZAI Card allows TAS Card holders increased storage capacity of physical gold and TGPs loyalty points.

There is a company going by Zai that is based out of Australia. A representative from the company however has confirmed Auratus Gold are not offering cards through the company.

Since launching a few months ago, Auratus Gold already caught the attention of the Texas State Securities Board. The financial regulator named Auratus Gold as part of a wider effort by GSB Gold Standard Corporation effort to defraud consumers.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation is a German company owned by Josip Heit (right).

Through GSB, Heit has launched several fraudulent investment schemes dating back to 2021.

Auratus Gold’s collapse follows the recent arrest of a GSPartners promoter in South Africa, termination of GSB’s official YouTube channel and scrubbing of GSPartners’ social media accounts.

Josip Heit is believed to be holed up in Dubai. He hasn’t made any public appearances or communications since mid 2023.

The outcome of multiple US federal investigations into GSB and Heit remain pending.