Billionico has blocked Texas residents following its inclusion in a securities fraud order.

Billionico was cited in an April 22nd emergency cease and desist order, issued by the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB).

Billionico was a named Respondent in the order. Billionico is fronted by German national Daniel von Lison (right), also a named Respondent.

TSSB tied Billionico to Auratus and Terry Lee, two additionally named Respondents.

Since issuing of TSSB’s emergency cease and desist fraud order, Billionico has begun actively blocking Texas residents.

This is significant, as securities law and regulation is materially the same across all fifty US states.

Neither GSPartners, Auratus, Billionico, GSB Gold Standard Corporation or owner Josip Heit (right) are registered to offer securities in any US state.

Both Billionico and Auratus are fraudulent investment schemes tied to Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Corporation.

Billionico initially emerged as a potential GSPartners backdoor for US and Canadian residents. Auratus has since emerged as a reboot of Heit’s collapsed GSPartners fraudulent investment scheme.

Following TSSB’s fraud order, further details of Auratus have emerged.

Auratus’ website provided a slew of new associated shell companies;

  • Helvetic Digital Finance AG (Switzerland)
  • TAS Helvetic Gold Trading LLC (Dubai)
  • DX and One Trust LTD (Bulgaria)
  • MTX Finance LLC (Montana, US)
  • Link Genius Portal LLC (Dubai)

Auratus marketing presentations cite TAS Pay as a “decentralized payment solution” through which cryptocurrency invested into Auratus is laundered.

Auratus falsely claims TAS Pay operates “in partnership with international regulated institutions” (no partners or regulated institutions are named).

Auratus’ fraudulent investment scheme sees participants make cryptocurrency investments of up to €10,000 EUR.

Auratus represents participants are investing in gold:

What Auratus participants are actually investing in though is TAS Gold, a shit token created by Auratus.

Auratus runs a simple “staking” model Ponzi scheme. Participants invest in TAS Gold, park it with Auratus and collect a passive return.

As per Auratus’ marketing  nomenclature above, its investment scheme is dressed up to pretend participants are investing in “vaulted” gold.

Auratus not being registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction means it operates illegally in any country with a regulated financial market. This includes the US and Canada, who were first to issue GSPartners and GSB Gold Standard Corporation fraud warnings.

In a silly attempt at pseudo-compliance, Auratus requires investors to declare they are not US or Canadian residents.

I say silly because the majority of GSPartners investors (now victims) were US and Canadian residents.

Following TSSB’s order, both Billionico and Auratus are assumed to be DOA. Pending any further updates we’ll keep you posted.