German law firm Irle Moser is attempting to suppress its ties to GSPartners and Josip Heit.

A case filed by Irle Moser in the Regional Court of Hamburg in late 2023 names Google as a Defendant.

Irle Moser has taken issue with being labeled a “partner-in-crime” of Josip Heit’s. Instead of engaging BehindMLM, publisher of the statement in question, Irle Moser has targeted Google.

Thus far Google hasn’t participated in Irle Moser’s latest proceedings. This means the Hamburg District Court’s order has been made on procedural grounds, as opposed to due-process.

Procedurally, it must be assumed that the statement according to which the claimants helped Mr Heit to carry out criminal acts by carrying out their own criminal acts is untrue.

The statement in question, “I learned about the order in mid 2021, through Heit’s partners-in-crime in Germany, Irle Moser”, was made in the article “BehindMLM is under threat (GSPartners & the NYSC)“.

Irle Moser claims this infringes their “personality rights”. Personality rights applies to individuals. Unfortunately the copy of proceedings Google provided is redacted.

If I had to guess though, the three Claimants in proceedings are likely Ben Irle, Christian-Oliver Moser and Josip Heit (right).

BehindMLM published the “under threat” article in November 2023. It was a response to a New York Supreme Court petition, instigated by an earlier Irle Moser lawsuit also targeting Google.

Irle Moser represent Josip Heit’s and, by proxy, GSPartners’ legal interests in Germany.

Irle Moser were behind targeting of BehindMLM in Ukraine in 2021. After that went nowhere the law firm escalated their campaign of suppression in the Hamburg District Court against Google.

Google didn’t respond to proceedings, resulting in a March 2022 order seeing BehindMLM’s due-diligence into GSPartners blocked in Germany.

Irle Moser’s 2022 order was the basis of the filed New York Supreme Court petition (currently under appeal).

Getting back to Irle Moser being Heit’s “partners-in-crime”, to date GSPartners has received regulatory fraud warnings and enforcement action from twelve US states, five Canadian provinces, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The Texas State Securities Board’s order stated Heit, through GSPartners and related companies, was

perpetrating various fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable public harm.

As part of operation of said fraudulent investment schemes, GSPartners’ NYSC petition was cited as an example of Heit’s efforts to impose “sanctions and lawsuits against private parties warning others” of his fraudulent conduct (pg. 46, par. 136).

With respect to BehindMLM, those efforts began with Irle Moser’s actions in Ukraine and Germany.

In the US securities fraud charges can be both civil and criminal. On the criminal side of things, MLM related securities fraud typically involves:

  • securities fraud (including conspiracy to commit securities fraud)
  • wire fraud (including conspiracy to commit wire fraud) and
  • money laundering

Obviously be it civil or criminal charges, securities fraud is illegal in the US. It’s illegal in Germany too, although German authorities tend to be years behind their US counterparts in major MLM fraud cases.

Point is, within the context of ongoing regulatory and law enforcement action against Josip Heit and GSPartners, there’s a basis to seeing Irle Moser as Heit’s “partners-in-crime”.

Outside of action against BehindMLM Irle Moser has also targeted FinTelegram for reporting on regulatory fraud warnings against GSPartners.

In their correspondence with FinTelegram, Irle Moser dismissed regulatory fraud warnings against GSPartners and Heit as “irrelevant”.

Those “irrelevant” warnings and enforcement actions would eventually lead to GSPartners “terminating” US and Canadian investor accounts.

In a February 12th filing as part of ongoing regulatory fraud proceedings in Arizona, GSPartners claimed, as result of action by regulators, that its “entire business has been effectively shuttered”.

It’s not hard to see why Irle Moser might now be keen to publicly distance themselves from GSPartners and Heit. Behind the scenes however, Irle Moser are still very much involved.

Billionico is the latest iteration of GSPartners. Irle Moser, on behalf of an undisclosed third-party (*winkwink*), filed for ownership of Billionico as a European Union Trademark on February 16th.

State-level investigations into GSPartners and Heit are ongoing. Federal level investigations are also underway.

Beyond Texas noting “sanctions and lawsuits against private parties warning others”, whether Irle Moser and their conduct is within the scope of those investigations is unclear.

With respect to the recent District Court of Hamburg’s order, BehindMLM has unfortunately had to block our coverage of Irle Moser’s ties to GSPartners and Josip Heit for our German readers.

Other statements in BehindMLM’s “under threat” article Irle Moser brought up in their Complaint include:

  • the assertion Irle Moser’s proceedings were brought ex-parte
  • the use of photographs of Ben Irle, Christian-Oliver Moser (and presumably Josip Heit) in our reporting

The court rejected both claims, finding;

In other respects the claim for injunctive relief has no merit.

The statement according to which the claimants had initiated one-party (ex parte) proceedings is not proven to be untrue.

From previous proceedings the Chamber knows that the claimants did indeed initiate ex parte proceedings.

With regard to the use of the claimant’s photographs the claim for injunctive relief has no merit.

Even when considering the fact that one sentence int he article referring to the claimants had to be prohibited, the statement in the reporting that the claimants act for Mr Heit in court proceedings, among others in Germany, is not objectionable.

The author was permitted to use the photographs to support the reporting.

The Hamburg District Court required Irle Moser and Google to pay 7,777 EUR and 6,666 EUR in legal costs respectively.

Google advises it is “currently assessing their legal options regarding the court order.”

If the order is successfully challenged BehindMLM will restore access to our “under threat” article to German readers.

Alternatively, we will also restore access if US federal fraud proceedings are brought against GSPartners, Heit and/or Irle Moser first.