Billionico is dead in the water following a securities fraud cease and desist from Texas.

As part of the Texas State Securities Board’s April 22nd order, Auratus was cited as an associated company tied to Terry Lee and a Hong Kong shell company.

Other companies TSSB associated with Auratus include Primus Liquidity Holding (Marshall Islands), Orbit Conceptum AG and CoinX24AG (Switzerland).

Now a separate Auratus website has emerged, along with a slew of new associated shell companies.

Auratus has been set up on the domain “”, registered on November 29th, 2023. The private registration was last updated a few days ago on April 23rd.

As with Billionico, Auratus’ website is hidden from search engines:

This is believed to be an attempt to hide Auratus from regulators.

Auratus’ website fails to disclose who owns or runs the company. Given the ties to Billionico, itself a GSPartners spinoff, it’s pretty obvious this is another GSB Gold Standard Corporation spinoff.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation is run by German national Josip Heit (right).

Instead of just being honest about that, here are all the new shell companies disclosed on Auratus’ website:

  • Helvetic Digital Finance AG (Switzerland)
  • TAS Helvetic Gold Trading LLC (Dubai)
  • DX and One Trust LTD (Bulgaria)
  • MTX Finance LLC (Montana, US)
  • Link Genius Portal LLC (Dubai)

Also not disclosed on Auratus’ website is the specifics of its TAS shitcoin investment scheme.

Earn TAS Gold through the Unique TAS Vault protocol.

Earn Yields just by vaulting gold with TAS.

For reference, here’s how the TSSB described Auratus’ secret investment scheme;

On April 19, 2024, Respondents Billionico, Deyle, Daniel von Lison and Rainder announced that clients can purchase investments in a digital gold vault issued by Respondent Auratus.

Respondent Auratus, a company purportedly operating in Hong Kong that is represented by Respondent Lee, is issuing the investments in the digital gold vault.

The investments are described in greater detail as follows:

A. Investors purchase the use of a digital vault to store gold referred to as the TAS Vault.

B. The purchase price of the investment is 150, 500, 2500, 7500 or 10,000 euros depending on the volume and/or weight of gold that will be stored in the digital vault,

C. The investments provide use of the digital vault for a term of between 12 and 60 weeks depending on the plan elected by the investor,

D. After purchasing the investment, investors enter a queue to join the digital vault, and, once admitted, the digital vault generates a passive yield shared between the investor and other investors admitted to the digital vault.

E. Investors are paid commissions for recruiting new investors and earn other compensation through a multilevel marketing scheme.

This is your typical staking Ponzi model with an MLM compensation plan attached.

As per TSSB’s April 22nd securities fraud cease and desist, Auratus’ TAS shitcoin investment scheme is an unregistered securities offering.

Securities fraud is illegal in the US at both the state and federal level.

To that end, Auratus offers up this pseudo-compliance:

This website, and any products within, are not intended to be accessed by USA or Canadian based persons. Any information provided within is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice.

The problem with this is securities fraud is also illegal outside of the US and Canada.

Neither Auratus, Billionico or GSB Gold Standard Corporation are registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction.

With the bulk of GSPartners victims being US and Canadian residents, it’s assumed Auratus is now also dead in the water.

As part of ongoing US regulatory investigations, Texas and Alabama have reached out to GSPartners, Billionico and Auratus investors.


Update 17th May 2024 – BehindMLM has published a complete Auratus review.