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Billionico securities fraud cease & desist from Texas

The GSPartners spinoff Billionico has received a securities fraud cease and desist from Texas. Named respondents in the Texas State Securities Board’s April 22nd emergency cease and desist order include:

Alabama sends out GSPartners investor questionnaire

The Alabama Securities Commission has sent out a questionnaire to GSPartners investors. Dated April 15th, the ASC’s questionnaire provides an opportunity for GSPartners investors to provide details pertaining to their individual circumstances. Oh, and the ASC also knows about Billionico…

GSPartners victims sought as Texas issues executive bans

Several respondents in the Texas State Securities Board’s previously issued GSPartners emergency cease and desist order have lost their right to appeal. These include GSPartners executives Dirc Zahlmann, Bruce Hughes and Aline Lima, as well as the failed Swiss Valorem Bank rebrand.

Reddit, Yelp & other platforms file amicus brief in GSB NYSC appeal

Reddit, Yelp, GlassDoor, Indeed, TripAdvisor and the PubPeer Foundation have collectively filed an amicus brief in BehindMLM’s GSB Gold Standard Corporation appeal. In their capacity as a “group of online speech platforms with millions of daily users”, brief movants (amici) above seek to address an “important question”;

Billionico hires banned mutual fund rep as “elite coach”

On April 1st GSPartners spinoff Billionico announced it had hired Alfredo Pino. An accompanying press-release claimed Pino, who also goes by Alfie Pino, had been hired to “mentor elite education teams”. Alfie Pino has extensive coaching experience, specializing in all things cryptocurrency. He was teaching, helping students navigate the ever-changing rapids of the blockchain industry [Continue reading…]

GSPartners reportedly “abandoned hope of operating in US”

A promoter has claimed GSPartners has “abandoned any hope of operating in the US”. The update was presented as a highlight of a GSPartners corporate call, held on Thursday April 4th.

Inside BCSC’s investigation into GSPartners & promoters

The British Columbia Securities Commission has published reasoning behind its decision to extend a temporary order. The order, issued on November 16th, 2023, prohibits promotion of GSPartners’ “MetaCertificates” unregistered securities offering. Specific breaches of British Columbia law cited by the BCSC included: illegal distribution of securities; illegal trading of securities; prohibited representations; and fraud In [Continue reading…]

Andrew Eaton claims GSPartners settling with US regulators

Andrew Eaton has claimed GSPartners is on the verge of negotiating settlements with US regulators. Eaton, a top earner in the fraudulent investment scheme, leads a group of South African promoters under “GIHugeness” branding.

GSB Gold Standard Corporation fraud warnings from UK

The UK’s FCA has issued multiple securities fraud warnings against GSB Gold Standard Corporation associated companies. On March 21st the FCA issued fraud warnings against G999, Lydian World and Gold Standard Trade (aka GSTrade).

Re: GSB Gold Standard Corporation litigation misinformation

A few days after BehindMLM reported on Billionico being a suspected secret GSPartners backdoor, a paid press-release popped up on a random website. Supposedly authored by “T. Chandler”, the headline for The Fort Worth Press article reads: BEHINDMLM BLACKMAIL WITH ANONYMOUS SLANDER ON THE INTERNET What follows is typical of unsubstantiated nonsense scammers upset with [Continue reading…]