GSPartners @ BehindMLM

GSPartners’ developer sent Movenpick cease and desist

As part of our coverage of GSPartners’ XLT Ponzi token launch, BehindMLM got in touch with Accor Group about a week ago. Accor Group owns the Movenpick brand, and we wanted to know if they were OK with GSPartners using one of their properties in Dubai to promote their XLT Ponzi points scheme. A few [Continue reading…]

Accor Group: GSPartners not authorized to sell Movenpick property

Accor Group, owners of Movenpick Hotels and Apartments, have confirmed GSPartners is not authorized to sell their Dubai property.

GSPartners gets BehindMLM censored in… the Ukraine?

BehindMLM’s ongoing coverage of the GSPartners Ponzi scheme is getting under Josip Heit’s skin. So much so that he engaged German legal counsel, to initiate legal action in the Ukraine. Lol Ukraine. Get your popcorn ready folks…

GSPartners replaces JONE with XLT and Lydian World Ponzis

In early June GSPartners began circulating promotional material for a new real-estate themed Ponzi scheme. JONE tokens were supposedly tied to physical real-estate in the J One Towers, an apartment complex in Dubai. Before GSPartners could make any big announcements at their Dubai event later in the month, the developer behind J One Towers came [Continue reading…]

GSPartners files second YouTuber lawsuit in South Africa

GSPartners, owner Josip Heit and its top South African promoters have filed suit against a second YouTube channel owner. This time the Ponzi scheme and its promoters are going after #ChrisTrade.

GSPartners collapsing, South African YouTube channel blamed

GSPartners is claiming a 66% reduction in victims signing up to lose money. In a desperate attempt to find a scapegoat, GSPartners has sued a South African YouTube channel.

J One developer denies knowledge of GSPartners & Heit

Following the failure of G999, GSPartners has rebooted itself as a shitcoin factory. The first coin to launch is JONE, supposedly tied to floor-space in the J One tower in Dubai. Funnily enough, this is news to J One tower’s developers.

GSPartners now a shitcoin factory, launches JONE token

When an MLM crypto scheme realizes its Ponzi token isn’t going anywhere, it’s common to just dump it and launch another one. The idea is to create a new pump to bring in new bagholders to dump the original converted tokens onto. GSPartners is the latest Ponzi scheme to rebrand itself as a shitcoin factory.

GSPartners corporate dumped 2 billion G999 tokens?

At the core of every MLM token Ponzi scheme is the big stash of admin tokens. These tokens are created out of thin air and dumped to extract funds out of the scheme. If analysis of G999 blockchain is accurate, GSPartners had dumped over 2 billion G999 tokens to date.

GSPartners uses COVID-19 vaccination passports to plug Ponzi

In its latest attempt to pitch its Ponzi scheme, Josip Heit’s GSPartners attempts to insert itself into the COVID-19 vaccination passport discussion.