Nexxus University launched in shadow of Global Currency Reserve Marketing’s collapse.

Tied to the GCR Coin, Global Currency Reserve Marketing was abandoned in January, 2016 following the revelation of an SEC investigation.

Shortly after confirming GCR Marketing’s closure, owner Bob Wood announced he was launching Nexxus University.

Partnering with persons unknown and registering the company in Belize, Wood claimed Nexxus University was intentionally launched outside of the US.

Through Nexxus University, affiliates can invest in Nexxus Coin. Despite claims that “software development” of Nexxus Coin was 90% complete as of June, 2016, to date a publicly-traded coin doesn’t exist.

Instead Nexxus Coin is billed as an “internal token that powers the Nexxus ecosystem”.

Or in other words, Nexxus Coin are points with a value set by Nexxus University. This means they have no application outside of the income opportunity and in the real world are worthless.

Alexa statistics for the various “Nexxus ecosystem” websites suggest the opportunity flopped. And seeing as it’s not publicly tradeable, the current value of Nexxus Coin is unknown.

Lately there’s been rumblings out of Norway, suggesting the company is gearing up for a new marketing push. That in itself is uneventful, however there are some rather colorful individuals at the helm.

Central to the resurrection of Nexxus University in Norway is Helge Normann.

Through Global City Portals, cited as a “business partner” of Nexxus University, Normann holds onto the notion that Bob Wood will deliver.

In addition to Norway and counter to Wood’s prior representations, it appears Nexxus University are also trying to reestablish themselves in the US.

In a June 17th Facebook post Helge Normann claimed

the company’s CEO Mr. Bob Wood announced that negotiations to buy a building that will house the future of the main quarters for Nexxus was successfully completed in the past week.

Already in the month of August takes over Nexxus constructed image of a little over 2,000 sqm. premises and begin migration immediately.

At the rear end of the building a special place will be established for preparing NEXXUS cryptocurrency ATMs, before they are sent out to new owners – first in the US and later also to the cities here in Scandinavia.

Normann also claimed Nexxus Coin would be publicly tradeable “within a few days”, but I’ve yet to see any evidence supporting this.

More recently, on June 24th, Normann posed with Bjørn Bjercke, at the “opening of Norway’s first bitcoin ATM”.

Together we had also a Skype conference with nexxus management and it was decided that Bjørn will be with as one of several speakers under the digital crypto currency event we are planning on dialect during the Autumn 2017.

This will happen in conjunction with the launch of the GCP – Nexxus concept in Scandinavia with Mr. Bob Wood – CEO of Nexxus partners.

Bjercke popped up on BehindMLM’s radar after he claimed the OneCoin Ponzi scheme was using a SQL database in place of a blockchain.

Bjercke alleged OneCoin, through a recruitment agency, had approached him to develop a blockchain for the company. This newly developed blockchain was to replace the current SQL database the company was using.

OneCoin never provided any evidence to the contrary but did threaten to sue Bjercke for “economic losses”.

Cliffnotes on a Nexxus University marketing video from about a month ago claim “Bjørn Bjercke, Norway’s Mr. Bitcoin is very interested in Nexxus”.

In the same video, Helge Normann states

I have connected with this guy in Norway. He is fairly well-known in the bitcoin community.

He’s been working for several years building blockchains.

I connected with him, it happened to be in the exact same period of time he got heavily involved with the authorities.

He was just coming back from Germany, having spent a lot of time with the police having to do with OneCoin.

And so he’s been bogged down with the OneCoin situation. And he just recently had a meeting with the Norwegian police and Norwegian Gaming Board about OneCoin … but the most important thing is I have told him about Nexxus.

I told him about the plans we have for opening up in Norway and Scandinavia this summer or fall, and he is very, very interested in Nexxus.

He’s been looking at your page Bob and about the concept, and he is very, very interested.

I’m probably going to Norway in the first week of June and am going to meet with him. And we’re going to have some sort of formal agreement for him to participate in meeting with you, Bob, myself and him – when we open this up in Norway this late summer or early fall.

Wood goes on to claim he received a “private message” from Bjercke after he subscribed to Nexxus University’s “crypto myths”.

He sent me a message and he said, “Bob, this is really great stuff”.

This is just a sign of things to come. We have a legitimate cryptocurrency company here.

Players in the industry, like Bjørn, are seeing Nexxus, are realizing Nexxus is different. Nexxus is real, it’s not a pump and dump coin like the thousands of coins out there.

Bjercke’s interest in Nexxus University is certainly peculiar, seeing as Nexxus University’s Nexxus Coin points aren’t all that different to OneCoin’s.

After pumping GCR Coin, selling it to affiliates and then taking it public, it’s value promptly crashed.

Back in January Wood claimed

Everyone who is holding GCR Coins will receive the Nexxus Coin. So you will hold both coins. You will hold the GCR Coin and you can hold the Nexxus Coin.

The new coin is basically a clone of GCR Coin.

Helge Normann himself is also highly critical of OneCoin.

On June 25th he claimed to have insider knowledge of ongoing regulatory investigations into OneCoin by Norwegian authorities.

I very much regret that I am a “Bringer” OF VERY BAD news!

And the message I bring “to the table” today is that now “we launch” with OneCoin and Prosecutor in Norway.

I just read the documents in plain language, among other things WITHOUT A DOUBT 100% confirmed, inter alia, following me:

1) A large number of people in Norway have already – or are about to receive a letter from ØKOKRIM that they called in for questioning in connection with their activities with OneCoin.

2) The Norwegian authorities are in full swing to prepare for the final clash against OneCoin and the company’s overall activities in Norway with the ultimate goal to make this forbidden in Norway.

I repeat once again: I have NEVER previously spent time and effort to mention a “competitor” negative.

However, OneCoin IS NO COMPETITOR!

OneCoin will NEVER to be a contestant! OneCoin is no HONEST business, – and will most likely soon be referred to as perhaps history’s greatest MLM based fraud-like pyramid scandal.

I happened to be in this case ended up in a very specific situation where I have more knowledge of the truth about this than most, – and I am convinced that, I’m right.

Then it is in many cases also my responsibility to WARN and to speak out.

I apologize to those of my friends who are being harmed by this, – but I tried at least to speak to you.

In addition to Nexxus University, over the past year Normann has promoted LikesXL (Ponzi scheme) and KulaBrands. He was also an affiliate in the BitRegion and ZarFund bitcoin gifting scams.

With Normann spearheading a revival of Nexxus University across Norway and Bob Wood lowkey reestablishing himself in the US, despite the unclear outcome of an SEC investigation into GCR Marketing, what could go wrong?