Last year the mystery of why OneCoin were using stock video footage to represent their blockchain was solved.

OneCoin had no blockchain and were simply recording script-generated Ponzi points allocation on a SQL database.

The revelation was made public following a OneCoin blockchain development job offer to Bjorn Bjercke.

Bjercke is a professional blockchain developer and, not happy someone with someone with actual technical experience going around countering their own technology claims, OneCoin have now threatened Bjercke with legal action.

In a Reddit post published a few hours ago, Bjercke (right) wrote;

OneCoin Ltd., with the help of their attorney, has sent me a threatening letter saying I have to withdraw my statements and remove Youtube videos, and articles.

I also have to apologize publicly or else they will file a suit against me for their economic losses due to the harm I have caused them.

Bjercke has yet to make the letter(s) he’s received public, so I’m currently unable to compare, but this is starting to look like a cookie-cutter legal strategy. The German cryptocurrency blog Coinspondent were recently sent similar legal threats for their OneCoin coverage too.

From the sounds of it, Bjercke has no intention of complying with OneCoin’s demands.

In my opinion OneCoin is like a cancer to the cryptocurrency community. I cannot give up, I cannot hide the truth, I cannot stay quiet about OneCoin/OneLife being a SCAM. So I decided to lawyer up which is going to be very expensive.

If you want to help, please donate. If for SOME reason an attorney is unneeded the funds will be donated for educating the victims of OneCoin/OneLife in real cryptocurrency.

Personally I can’t see OneCoin suing Bjercke. He has technical experience and will know the right questions to ask in court regarding the technical side of OneCoin (or lack thereof).

As recently as February, 2017, there was still evidence that internal transactions of OneCoin were still not appearing on the OneCoin blockchain script.

From what I’ve been hearing on the grapevine, OneCoin has since found some schmucks to cobble together a blockchain for them. There’s even talk of a “blockchain whitepaper” being published at the upcoming May 7th Macau event.

As far as we know Chinese authorities are not going to let the event go ahead, so we’ve yet to see how that plays out.

In any event though, getting someone to develop a blockchain post February 2017 is fine and dandy, but doesn’t change the fact OneCoin has been lying about their blockchain since 2014.

A SQL database is not a blockchain. And all Bjercke would have to do is subpoena Asenshia, the recruitment firm that contacted him with the job offer, to prove his claims.

Easier said then done I know but, as with any defamation case, truth is the ultimate defense.