nexxus-university-logoNexxus University was born out of the ashes of GCR Marketing.

Launched originally as Global Coin Reserve back in 2014, the initial business model was an out-and-out matrix-based pyramid scheme.

Global Currency Reserve was launched a year or so later. GCR as it became known as saw affiliates pay up to $2999.95 a month and get paid when they recruited others who did the same.

bob-wood-president-founder-cloudzowBob Wood (right) came on board and got rid of the more excessive GCR affiliate membership options.

Tied into the GCR MLM opportunity (known as GCR Marketing by this point) was GCR Coin, a cryptocurrency that never went anywhere.

GCR affiliates were supposedly mining the coin through GCR, but when the time came to launch the coin in August it pretty much just collapsed.

By January 2016 the writing was on the wall, and Wood pulled the plug on GCR Marketing and abandoned GCR Coin.

Nexxus University was announced as a stand-alone MLM opportunity shortly thereafter.

It was later revealed that the GCR Coin had been hacked by the developer, with the FBI purportedly investigating the matter.

Wood also revealed the SEC had launched their own investigation, following a number of complaints filed with the regulator.

To date nothing has come of either the FBI or SEC’s investigation into GCR Marketing.

Read on for a full review of the Nexxus University MLM opportunity.

The Nexxus University Product Line

Nexxus University has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Nexxus University affiliate membership itself.

Access to the following “education courses” are provided to Nexxus University affiliates:

  • The History Of Money
  • The Bitcoin Solution
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency

Which courses a Nexxus University affiliate has access to is determined by how much they pay in monthly affiliate fees:

  • Bronze ($9.95 a month) – access to The History of Money
  • Silver ($24.95 a month) and Gold ($49.95 a month) – access to The History of Money, The BitCoin Solution and Understanding Cryptocurrency

No information about who authored any of the offered courses is provided on the Nexxus University website.

Gold Nexxus University affiliates receive access to a “Cryptocurrency Fundamentals” Certification Program:

Pass your final cryptocurrency certification exam and earn the respect and recognition as a Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist with a professional Certification certificate.

The Nexxus University Compensation Plan

The Nexxus University compensation plan pays affiliates direct and residual recruitment commissions.

Nexxus University Affiliate Ranks

There are nine affiliate ranks in the Nexxus University compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Bronze – sign up as a Bronze affiliate or generate 10 PV a month
  • Silver – sign up as a Silver affiliate or generate 25 PV a month
  • Gold – sign up as a Gold affiliate or generate 50 PV a month
  • Diamond – recruit and maintain at least two Gold or higher ranked affiliates
  • Double Diamond – recruit and maintain at least five Diamond or higher ranked affiliates
  • Triple Diamond – recruit and maintain at least seven Double Diamond or higher ranked affiliates
  • Platinum – recruit and maintain at least ten Triple Diamond or higher ranked affiliates
  • Double Platinum – recruit and maintain at least ten Platinum or higher ranked affiliates
  • Triple Platinum – recruit and maintain at least ten Double Platinum or higher ranked affiliates

PV stands for “Personal Volume” and is sales volume generated by an affiliate’s own membership purchase or that of their recruited affiliates.

To qualify for Bronze to Gold membership without personally paying monthly membership fees, the following corresponding PV values apply:

  • recruit a Bronze affiliate = 10 PV
  • recruit a Silver affiliate = 25 PV
  • recruit a Gold affiliate = 50 PV

This PV is generated as long as recruited affiliates continue to pay their monthly Nexxus University affiliate membership fees.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

If a Nexxus University affiliate recruits five affiliates in their first 14 days, they are paid a $10 commission.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

Nexxus University pay affiliates residual recruitment commissions through an expandable 2×4 matrix.

A 2×4 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them:


These initial two positions form the first level of the matrix, with the second level generated by splitting each of the first level positions into another two positions each (four positions).

The third level of the matrix is generated by splitting the four level 2 positions into another two positions (8 positions), and again to create the fourth and final level of the matrix (16 positions).

A complete 2×4 matrix houses thirty positions.

The expandable part of the matrix is implemented via three specific mechanics.

The first mechanic sees Silver ($24.95 a month) and Gold ($49.95 a month) affiliates paid out on an additional matrix level (2×5 and 2×6 respectively).

Note that Bronze affiliates can also achieve these ranks by recruiting new affiliates (25 PV and 50 PV a month is required respectively).

The second mechanic creates a new matrix leg when an affiliate fills up to the third level on their matrix.

The first time this happens an affiliate’s 2×4 (or 2×5 or 2×6) matrix is turned into a 3×4. The second it’s turned into a 4×4 and so on and so forth.

Basically each level on the matrix has a bunch of positions added to it, requiring additional recruitment to fill up the third level again.

The third mechanic adds additional depth to the matrix, starting at the Diamond rank:

  • Diamond ranked affiliates are paid down eight levels
  • Double Diamond affiliates are paid down ten levels
  • Triple Diamond and higher ranked affiliates are paid down twelve levels

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new affiliates.

Commissions are paid at a base rate of 5% of fees paid by recruited affiliates in a matrix.

This equates to

  • 50 cents for every Bronze affiliate recruited
  • $1.25 for every Silver affiliate recruited and
  • $2.50 for every Gold affiliate recruited

Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus is a generational bonus that pays Nexxus University affiliates beyond the twelve offered matrix levels.

A generation in Nexxus University is defined when a Platinum or higher ranked affiliate is found in any matrix leg.

This first affiliate caps off the first generation, with affiliates paid 5% on the total volume of membership fees paid by affiliates in that generation.

A second Platinum or higher ranked affiliate caps off the second generation. One more Platinum or higher ranked affiliate found deeper in the leg caps off the third.

  • Platinum ranked affiliates earn 5% on one generation
  • Double Platinum ranked affiliates earn 10% on the first generation and 5% on the second
  • Triple Platinum ranked affiliates earn 15% on the first generation, 10% on the second and 5% on the third

Note if a second or third Platinum or higher ranked affiliate is not found in a leg, the Infinity Bonus pays out the entire depth of the level.

Joining Nexxus University

Affiliate membership with Nexxus University is tied to a monthly membership purchase:

  • Bronze – $9.95 a month
  • Silver – $24.95 a month
  • Gold – $49.95 a month

The primary difference between these membership levels is access to bundled education courses and income potential through the Nexxus University compensation plan.


As far as I can tell, the only way to get access to Nexxus University’s courses is by signing up as an affiliate.

There’s no mention of retail sales or orders on the Nexxus University website. All you can do is login as an affiliate or sign up as an affiliate.

This means there’s no retail offering, with all commissions paid by Nexxus University tied to affiliate recruitment.

This is a problem, because in MLM chain-recruitment equates to a pyramid scheme.

On the off-chance I’m missing something, I’ll clarify that the existence of a retail offering doesn’t negate chain-recruitment.

You sign up as a Nexxus University affiliate, pay your monthly fee and then get paid to recruit others who do the same.

Pay to play is also evident in the Nexxus University compensation plan, which how much an affiliate spends directly impacting their income potential.

You can qualify by recruitment alone, but realistically it’s a given that Nexxus University affiliates are going to self-fund.

Regarding the Nexxus Coins, as far as I can tell they don’t exist yet.

Bronze affiliates are instead promised 100 coins, Silver affiliates 250 coins and Gold affiliates 500 coins.

These will purportedly be handed over when Nexxus Coin eventuates, but until then it’s just a promise.

Seeing as I can’t really review an imaginary cryptocurrency, Nexxus Coins aren’t relevant in analysis of Nexxus University as an MLM opportunity.

What you’re left with is chain-recruitment and courses written by who knows who. Oh and the certification program?

Run the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification Program by some cryptocurrency people and see what kind of reaction you get.

I’ve got nothing against people educating themselves on cryptocurrency, but an unaccredited “education course” provided by a company with the word “university” in its name is pretty misleading.

And on the topic of courses, why do people need to continue to pay monthly fees to access them? I mean once you’ve read (or watched?) the courses, isn’t that it?

If you’re keen get your participation award but after that, why are you still paying monthly fees?

I mean sure the people who recruited you get paid from those ongoing fees, but surely there’s some other legitimate reason?