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Solution2011: GiveOpp launches not so new product line

GiveOpp was launched on the 4th of July this year and is the brainchild of a series of ex-Liberty League and Polaris Media Group (now known as Polaris Global) members. There’s CEO Mark Cosby and marketing guy Don Glanville, both of whom were prominent members of Liberty League back in its hey day. Also it’s [Continue reading…]

ProjectGiveOpp plagiarizes blog content

A post from Project GiveOpp popped up on my radar recently and I was a bit surprised it’d already racked up 24 comments within 24 hours of being published. Curious I took a few of the comments and punched them into Google. Not surprisingly it turned out the content had been stolen from another website [Continue reading…]

GiveOpp: The product, compensation plan and review

For people conducting their due diligence on the GiveOpp business opportunity there’s not a lot to go on. Scattered across the internet are a few promotional videos and tens, if not hundreds of press release articles telling you how much of a difference GiveOpp are making around the world. Business wise however and just what [Continue reading…]

Linking GiveOpp, TheNewOpp, RFS & Axiom Marketing

Despite having seemingly launched on July 4th, GiveOpp seems to have had a pretty non-existent launch as far as MLM companies go. GiveOpp still has no solid web presence and marketing wise the company seems to be relying solely on it’s few distributors to get the word out. As far as company support goes if [Continue reading…]

GiveOpp Launch on July 4th a complete fizzer

Given the level of secrecy surrounding the GiveOpp business opportunity I wasn’t quite sure what to expect come launch date July 4th. Up until now, unless you were willing to divulge personal information to a member of the company, specific information such as detailed information on company products and the compensation plan have remained tightly [Continue reading…]

Why can’t GiveOpp be marketed in South Dakota?

I was going over the GiveOpp ‘Earnings and Income Disclaimer’ and aside from the usual ‘you can’t take any of our member’s earning claims seriously as we haven’t verified them ourselves’ statements, there was one line that caught my eye. Tucked away and saved right till the end is this mysterious statement: This opportunity is [Continue reading…]

GiveOpp announces launch date and CEO Mark Cosby

The GiveOpp website itself is still in members only lockdown mode but over the last few weeks several people involved in the company have been publishing press releases. The two major points from the press releases are the announcement of GiveOpp’s launch date, July 4th 2010 and the name of the CEO behind the company, [Continue reading…]

Revealed: The business opportunity

A couple of days ago, reader Kat left a comment┬áregarding a supposed new MLM business opportunity start up involving John and Shannon Lavenia of ex-EMC Polaris Global fame; Heard John and Shannon Lavenia are raiding the Polaris nest also with some new business they are launching this week Oz .. everything is secret about it [Continue reading…]