Finalmente Global liquidators have warned victims they have until December 30th to verify their personal details.

The looming deadline for Finalmente Global victims comes as liquidators claim their “legal representatives”

have commenced with the collection of funds locally for the estate, which will ultimately be distributed to all creditors by way of a dividend in accordance with the insolvency laws of South Africa.

No indication as to how much has been recovered, or what the liquidator’s cut will be.

Finalmente Global was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme run by South African national Kobus van der Merwe.

Instead of South African authorities shutting Finalmente Global down and going after van der Merwe, the Ponzi scheme collapsed and entered liquidation proceedings in early 2021.

As is the norm in South Africa, van der Merwe has faced no regulatory repercussions.

Van der Merwe last made an appearance to gaslight his victims in January 2021. He hasn’t been seen in public since.