Finalmente Global’s Kobus van der Merwe appears to be feeling the heat, such that he’s uploaded “Finalmente Global Final Video” to YouTube.

In the January 23rd video van der Merwe blames recent liquidation proceedings for Finalmente Global’s collapse.

The first thing van der Merwe does is reassure his victims that he’s “still here”.

Here being a chair in front of a green screen at an undisclosed location.

Rather than just admit Finalmente Global was a Ponzi scheme that went bust, van der Merwe claims he “switched off” the platform.

Referring to Finalmente Global running out of new investment to pay returns with as “the situation”, van der Merwe claims he consulted with

legal and security professionals in an attempt to further explore all available options to remedy the situation.

Unfortunately none of these advisors knew how to create ROI revenue out of thin air, at least not immediately.

To hear van der Merwe tell it, he and his advisors were “hard at work” trying to beat Ponzi math. Then on January 12th, they were interrupted by pesky victims filing a liquidation application.

Again, keeping in mind Finalmente Global was a simple Ponzi scheme that went bust, van der Merwe claims

This premature application lodged to the High Court prevented us from any chance whatsoever of trading the company back to a liquid position using any legal methods.

Aw, how cute. Van der Merwe reckons if we just given enough time, he’d have been able to legally generate funds to pay Finalmente Global.

Which naturally begs the question, why not then generate funds legally from the beginning?

I know the answer to that. You know the answer to that. Kobus van der Merwe knows the answer to that.

Because van der Merwe is full of crap. This is the equivalent of Ponzi scammers in the US having a cry when the SEC shuts them down, pretending that is what prevents them from paying people with money they don’t have.

Due to the actions of these three individuals who are named in the document, my ability to find a legal method to remedy this situation was taken away from me instantly – and will now be dealt with by the appointed liquidators.

Van der Merwe signs off by thanking those who didn’t judge him for stealing their money, “from the bottom of (his) heart”.

My intentions were never for this to happen and turn out the way it did.

If only there was some way of knowing this is how all Ponzi schemes end. Some methodology we could use to calculate what happens when a scheme pays withdrawals with invested funds.

If only.

And for all the bravado about not “running away” and “still being here”, van der Merwe has disabled comments on his latest video.

While it’s certainly amusing to dissect the complete and utter nonsense South African scammers push after their Ponzis collapse, it unfortunately highlights a weakness in regulatory law enforcement.

Along with Mirror Trading International, we have two Ponzi schemes in which we and South African regulators know full-well who ran them, how much they stole and where they are.

And still they remain at large. Free to push baloney sob stories about how, after stealing millions from their victims, how tough they and their families are doing it.

How long these charades will continue to play out is anyone’s guess. But it’s getting pretty tiresome.